Any 1 interested in drifting ??


Nascar questions?

I love drifting...especially drift racing. Drifting isn't a good idea if you are on pavement, as it will ruin your tires and other car parts. However, drifting isn't all that bad for racing on dirt. Drift racing is really neat because you have to hit your marks just perfectly so you actually stay on the track and don't spin looks hard! I think drifting is awesome-looking and really cool to see...just don't use your personal car! lol

In American Le Mans, what are the cars and classes.GT, GT2?


Who likes nascar?

yeah - The Drifters...

What is Jeff gordon's rarest 1/24 diecast?

Yeah. We do it in Germany where I'm stationed at a lot. There are a lot of car clubs out here, so if you have a nice riced up car, you'll join someone. I have a 2003 Neon w/ hahn stage 2 turbo. So fun to drive, and so easy to make money with.

How do i become a race car driver?

I can take it or leave it - its not my favorite thing but it is okay.

Where was Dale Earnhardt Jr. Born?

You have got to be kidding! It's completely lame.

What will this race be like?

How can anyone even afford to pay for the car's wear and tear that comes from drifting, unless you're loaded or something.

Were can i find information bout fights in nascar?


Don't you wish Danica Patrick would just get naked already?

The second stupidest 'sport' on the planet (curling is #1).
Just a bunch of wannabe losers that can't afford a real race car.

Is it true that schumi(micheal schumacher)retiring after this season?


What is formula in formula 1?

no. werent you paying attention at the movies?


That, and I like my (expensive) tires, and my time....

Does anyone Build headers for a Boss 429 Mustang?

yep! :)

Has anyone been out to aurora il, and been to the discount tire store and saw the sign promoting racing, pleas

is it actually racing,or is it most points for better burnouts?

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