.can't wait!.how about u?!?

huh.i just cant wait!...u?!


Where would I find out about Nascar team operation centers? How big the bldg. and evrything that involves it?

Yeah! Finally... one month seems like an eternity... Three weeks is bad enough. Someone should please tell bernie that a month's break between races is not very healthy for fans, esp if it's at the beginning of the season.

How do u titen the cluch on a 2005 KX 85?

Totally agree with u...
I can't wait Alonso to win!!!

What attracts you to NASCAR? Are you a die-hard fan or not?

Come on McLaren!


WHO will win, Tony or Jimmie?

I just cant wait for the spanish grand prix in 2 days like most f1 fans.

I,m looking for the best deal on a performance 305 chevy master rebuild kit?

BMW SAUBER is the Best, Go Robert and Nick!!!

Whats your favourite F1 race track?


If you could be a car.. What kind of car would you be? and Why?

At the moment I'm waiting for my coffee machine to deliver a nice cappuccino.

I want to know about the Interesting Fact of Motocross?

me too a month break is a long period ferrari will win especially with shumi coming ...FORZA FERRARI!

Who has won both the daytona 500 and the indy 500?

yeah...totally,i can't wait either.although,i do know Kimi's gonna win the race and Massa's gonna come second!!!

Who is a Nascar fan and who is your favorite?

me too

Any Casey Mears fan ?

A month's break is almost like a new season.

Finally, the race weekend is here and what would be more refreshing than watch Massa win? He has already taken the first step by claiming the pole.

Who loves nascar?


I have no idea why the long wait! The first race then a monrh, then two races in consecutive weekends then another month wait before this one!

Why is Bernie punishing us?!

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