"Cutting good lights"? or "Getting good lights"?

What does it mean? This is in connection with drag racing.


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On the christmas tree, there are 3 amber lights that light up in .5 second incraments if you cut a good light it means you left the stage beams close to the exact moment the light turned green. A perfect reaction is .000 or .500 depending on how your timing system prints it.

This is where "cutting good lights" comes in handy:
If I had a .050 reaction time and had an et of 6.50 seconds and you had a .000 reaction time and ran a 6.54 et. You would have crossed the finish line exactly 1 hundreth of a second in front of me even though you had the slower elapsed time.

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If you can leave the starting line right at the same time as the light goes green, that means you cut a good light. It's also known as reaction time. To me, this is THE most important thing for a drag racer to be good at. The car does the rest of the work after the light goes green.

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