modified mini's or pro fours..has any one else noticed that this class is dwindling down to nothing? We recently moved to the midwest from Nevada, and there doesn't seem to be a track that runs this class full time...anyone know why?


Where did the name NASCAR originate?

Because these classes are full of japanese sh!tboxes.People go to their local dirt tracks to watch stockers,sprinters and modifieds.American V8's.I find the sound of a 4banger to be irritating.

What would you name a TV show about Elliot Sadler racing his way across South America, Asia and Australia?

nobody really wants a 4 cylindar

Does anyone know where i can get foam for a foam pit?

Around the Carolinas, many tracks have totally abandoned these cars. It makes no sense. Many times, they have more cars on the track than any other division. Something stinks, but I don't know why.

Any Kasey Kahne fans out there ? I am a die-hard Dale Jr. fan but I think Kasey is going to be someone?

the turbo or modded fours are great cars for drifting, and the drivers have probably steered(pun intended) towards drifting than racing, as for front wheel drive people have probably found out theyre *..
dont know how it is there but here in aus the fours are drifters and with racing its a mix of everything, but yes i have noticed not many fours, but yh drift is the only reason i can think of.

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