17 and want to drift / race?

I am 17 and want to get into either street car racing on a track or drifting. I have been looking around for schools but have been having no luck. I live in chicago, but I cant find the type of racing school that I want to do. Anyone know of any places near chicago? Please help


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You can't compare RACING with drifting.Drifting (for the thousandth time) is not RACING.Sure- it takes some skill,but it's like MONSTER TRUCKS and PRO WRESTLING.RACING is a SPEED competition,who gets there first. Drifting is like figure skating,judged on STYLE.Most male figure skaters are a little "LIGHT IN THE LOAFERS" if you catch my drift(pun intended).Most drifters look that way too.A sport of slackers.What a joke.

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Sorry, don't know of anything near Chicago. If you want to come to NC there are a couple. A realy good one right down the road from the Charlotte Race Track. You are still a new driver so please be carefull. Have Fun, but be safe.

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i'm not sure of drifting schools in chicago, i never heard of it being a big drifting city, but i would do 10,000,000 times research on drifting before i start. if u saw hogan knows bst, nick wanted to be drift driver and wanted to take the i guess easy way but ended up not doing so hot. so do lots and lots and lots of research and remembr you can never know too much about something.

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check out usadrift.com to see if there are any schools that are local to you or tracks, etc. The basics of car control can be learned at any high performance driving school and can then be applied to drifting when you get a car and start practicing drifting. You may want to start by joining your local Sports Car Club of America (scca.com) and starting from there. DO NOT TRY TO PRACTICE DRIFTING ON PUBLIC ROADS ON YOUR OWN. It is incredibly dangerous and you will get hurt or die. If you watch any professional drift event you notice that even the pros at the highest levels have problems avoiding accidents in controlled (ie race tracks, on new tires, specially prepared cars) situations so there is no reason to believe that you will be able to avoid accidents any better than they do.

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To many need for speed games cuz real life that sh--t dont happen not organised anyway they get busted be fore 2nd gear you think Cross is bad try the real A-- holes ,but if you just want to power slide(drift) ck out ralley cars and events i aint no old Fu--- but ive tried it in LA Houston Atlanta..Dont jack with it they do it for real in japan with &100.000 set ups
hey no stuff ralley is kick as--if you get into it takes a lot more than sliding around a wet parking lot

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drifting isnt racing.

if you really want to race dont do it on the streets. its illegal and wont be worth the risk of getting into trouble.

one of the cheapest ways to get into racing is Karting. dont knock it until you check it out in person.

if you want to start a level or two above that then do a search on Legends Car racing.

good luck and have fun!!

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drifting is stupid. Get into a real racing series. Go to skip barber racing school, and learn some open wheel racing.

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what is the point of drifting? I was always taught that you never want to slide your car around a corner, its not the fast way. even watching nascar , if they slide a little bit the loose a lot of time. it makes no sense to me.

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Dude, think about what you are doing to the environment - seriously burning tires for what? It's stupid and unresponsible and people in the drifting "sport" are selfish idiots. You're bringing the world down for a few miniscule moments of redneck glory. Yee haw!

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well if you don't find any racing school,then try to do it your self.
If you only want to drift race then for the beginning find an empty parking lot and then start to practice,first try going a little slow and then start to go faster when you get the hang of it. With an automatic transmission car accelerate on a straight line and then brake to the speed where you think is safe then pull the handbrake and when the slides accelerate just the right amount to control the tail of the car so it won't go too wide.
practice as much as possible.
now try it on a race track when you get a hang of it. I assume there are race tracks in Chicago.
For the race track again accelerate on a straight line and when you are getting close to the point of apex then brake and point the nose of the car to the apex then pull the hand brake and slide the car then release the hand brake and start applying the right amount of pressure on the gas pedal,don't apply too much as you will slide off track,and then floor the gas pedal when you have finished cornering and you are on a straight line.
For more information on how to take the racing line click here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/apex_%28rac...
I hope that helps.

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Don't listen to those idiots, especially the tree huggin' guy.

If you want to drift, do it.
Check out the track in Joliett etc. See if they have any drifting event's. The track in St. Louis does but there all ametuers wrecking there daddy's BMW's and stuff.

I always did find it odd they made a sport out of drifting though considering we used to just call it power sliding. Who knew.

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