"Schuey told 'win title and quit' "... do you agree!?

Question:I sure as hell don't!! Heres the article if you wanna read it...



What really is mark martin going to do next year? I've heard a dozen different things. who knows for sure?

No. Michael Schumacher is capable of winning more championships in the years to come. When he's not able to win races anymore, that's when he should retire.

Racers swerving cars in NASCAR?

I hope who said that is right, but MS didn't say that. The quote is from his manager, Wili Weber.

When Indy cars pit, how does their jacking work? I see all four tires off the ground at the same time.?

possibly it could be more likely a split in management maybe, ralf schumacher left willi webber last year

may be the scumacher brothers are going to go it alone

but if he wins the championship this year or next, he will have a record that will take at lest two decades for any other driver to beat

think of all that free advertising that he is still going to make, his name is going to be mentioned every time the championship is won for ages

Lyrics to the Indianapolis 500 theme song "The Five Hundred"?

I don't think so!!!
He never said that...and don't want him to quit before winning his 100th top podium!!

I wish him all the best!!

Who Is The Best NASCAR Driver?

Willi Weber is going to work on getting Ralf in that seat. Thats why he wants Michael to retire. Just my opinion.

If he retires.I have to say "Michael you were the best ever at your sport. Good luck to you in the furure in whatever you do".

If he doesn't..."Look out boys, he still has the drive and determination to win".

For which team is Alonso going to race from next year?

I promise he'll retire. But I don't think it will be this year. Do you read F1 Racing magazine - the absolute best F1 mag ever! Anyway, they're now talking about possibilities for Michael in 2008! And they're pretty well informed.
I don't think he should retire, and I don't think he will.
But I do think he'll win.

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