Any body like nascar?


I am texas volunteer fireman i drag race and need help with parts were do i go to find this info.?

Used to think it was the stupidest sport - just a bunch of idiots driving in circles - THEN... I became enlightened!!! Holy Sh*t! This is the funnest thing to watch! You have to go to a real live Nextel Cup race to get the true feeling of the power in those cars. INCREDIBLE!!! If you stand on the bottom row of the stands as they drive by - your ears just about bleed, and hang on to your clothes - if you want to :) Oh, and the freakshow potential at a NASCAR race is infinite -great fun all around. Go Tony!

*** Every Day is Race Day! ***

Is this the way to Dakar?


Is there any way to instal a blow out valve whithaut turbo charger,just to get the sound whem change gears?


GO Dale Jr. #8!

Would anybody be interested in a 'White van man' festival in Essex/London. Could include almost anything legal

i love nascar.jeff gordon, kevin harvick, kasey kane

Where Can I get Free Car Vin Number Checks?

I love it!!



If you were going to by an old hot rod what kind would you get?

Lots of people...including me, I love it!

Who do think will win the french grand prix?

Love it. Go Kasey!!!!!!!...

biggest 9 fan

Where can i find go cart racing in Singapore?

yeah um no. it is so boring!!!1

Does anyone know if your insurance rate goes up when you drive a turbo charged car (1987 toyota supra)?

I do; Go Dale Jr #8

Any drag racing fans out there? if so who are you're fave driver/s?

Of course! There are only millions of us that love it!

GO KASEY # 9 !!!!

Do you think that racing is a sport?

hell yeah dale dale dale lets go

Need hores power?

Yep I do!

Was it really Massa's fault?

I ♥ Nascar

♥ Carl Edwards #99

Will Kevin Harvick win the Cup?

nope.. i don't like it.. I LOVE IT! i'm addicted to it.

Matt Borland fired??

Addicted too! LOVE Nascar!!

Which driver is going to GIT-R-DONE this weekend @ Bristol?

I love it... go Jr.

Do you think Marcus Gronholm might actually be wrc champion again this year now that Loeb has broken his arm?

will ya watch it all the time cup-busch-truck. #24

I am trying to locate information about the United Racing Association. URA existed in the 30s and 40s.?

Nascar is great. Tony Stewart is the man, however I can't forget about DEI Jr is finally coming around this year. Hopefully he can pull it together quickly to get him back into the chase.

Could i perform a conversion on my 1991 integra to make it look like one of the more recent models?

Like it? I love NASCAR. All the haters can have their F1 and whatever other sport they like.I love NASCAR, NHRA drag racing, and football(not soccer but NFL football!)...Philadelphia Eagles fan here..

Fave drivers in NASCAR...Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, Dale Jr..

in NHRA: John Force

Indy cars...Danica Patrick

American racing ROCKS!!!

Which NASCAR driver NEVER won a cup race in his career?


Pick one of these numbers. 1- 8-28-91 Tell me why you picked it.?


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