A question about American Le Mans Racing?

In Le Mans Racing, Why is it that in say a class like GT1, There may only be on manufacturer represented racing in a class. Example, two Corvettes racing but no other contenders/ manufacturers?


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I think Aston Martin wimped out. And they are competing at Sebring and LeMans. but yea, all they have to do finish the race. i guess its internal competion only this year. corvette A vs corvette b. oh well. I believe next year that won't be the case and things will be fixed with more competition in GT1.

I think there should be a special category for F-1 here. Who's with me?

Over the years different classes fluctuate car counts.Did you notice how many cars are racing in LMP-2 ? That class is booming and LMP-1 is dwindling.No one can beat the AUDI's.I'm waiting for FORD to step up and show us what the new COBRA 'STANG can do .C'mon FORD.Don't run.Astin Martin is owned by FORD,maybe they've had enough.

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Aston Martin had been the corvette's ongoing rival but they apparently didn't show up at St Pete. The corvette team can't force anyone else to enter but if this keeps happening ALMS may make changes to the rules to in effect penalize the corvette which would allow other teams to have a better chance against them. This would hopefully attract other teams to the class. Much like what happened to the BMW M3 with the racing only v-8 engine a few years ago. LMP1 is also dwindling due to the audi r10's dominance. I would bet that since ferrari is having success in sportscar racing that there may a gt1 ferrari in the near future. Plus, if porsche puts together a package for gt1 like they have for gt2 (which is basically available to anyone who will pay for it) then it will also change the field.

Also, the aston martin team is a privateer (ie not factory supported) while the corvette teams are getting money from GM as well as the audi teams getting money from audi.

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