ALONSO puts a MASS DAMPER on SchMACKER's career. Agree on disagree?

Question:After the FIA STRANGELY decreed that the Renault mass damper (INTRODUCED IN '05) was SUDDENLY infringing rules, it allowed Ferrari to catch up. Then, with the playing field swinging in favour of a resurrgent and faster Ferrari ALONSO defines a new era. HA HA HA. Against adversity the new two time, youngest ever champion.

Come on, bleating SchMACKER fans, give it to me!!!

This feeling is SOOOOOOO good!HA HA HA


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Wow, where do you get all that hate from?
Did you even hear what Alonso said on the press conference after the race? He said that the titles earned when Schumacher is still racing are worth much more than those he would eventually win after Michael is gone. That means that Michael IS a great driver and a real talent and until someone breaks the records he has achieved he is also the best driver Formula 1 ever had (like it or not!).

Just another note I just have to make: did you see the last race for this season? If there is anyone who doubts that Schumacher deserves his titles and if there is anyone who doubts his talent, that anyone just had to see the race on Interlagos. Some people used to say that Schumi is already old, that the younger pilots are already faster than him - well on Interlagos those people were just proved wrong. Despite his tyre problem - he went from last to fourth, passing the so called "new and young talents" of F1 proving that he is still more than competitive. And I am absolutely sure that if he had a few more laps he would even make the podium. But that's F1 - anything can happen in this sport and that's what makes it so exciting.
And so far Michael Schumacher is the king of this sport (again like it or not). So get over it!

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Schumi has done and achieved enough and its better that he has taken up retirement . He is the best. You could think of so many technical and non-technical reasons as to why Schumi was defeated by Alonso

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good to see he didnt even make the podium he shoul have 3 less world titles he was a dirty driver all his life just ask damin hill and nigel mansell

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Shame on you. If you love the sport show some respect to all drivers. Whether you like Schumi or don't (and you obviously don't) you cannot deny he has accomplished so much. Yes, he's done things he shouldn't of, but his style and grace got him to the elevated position he's had in the sport. He's had his time and has now retired. Roll on the new era but I'll be sad it's without Michael!

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Michael Schumacher is the Greatest F1 Driver of all time. Period.

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