2007;kimi or alonso?


A question for F1 lovers.?

Unless McLaren can turn around their lack of reliability Alonso won't stand a chance!

Likewise, with Ross Brawn rumoured to be taking a year off, can Ferrari remain at the top of the game?

Tough one to call, but I'm putting my money on Raikkonen, with Button as an outsider for the title.

Should Rick Hendrick fire Brian Vickers?

alonso for me.

schumacher would be gone by then, wouldn't he? so, it's alonso.

Are there any Tony Stewart fans out there who are still with me ? Bad boy or not , hes HOT!!?

Who can tell? With Fernando going to McLaren who have been pants this year will his driving shine through? Will McLaren's 2007 car be better than the 2006 one (can it be any worse?)? Kimi is going to Ferrari who have great cars. Has he just not won this year because of an unreliable car or is his driving pants? I'm a Michael Schumacher fan and am gutted Kimi is going to Ferrari - than guy has zero personality (my opinion and I don't expect everyone to agree). I'm struggling to decide who to support next year - perhaps Anthony Davidson as I'm from Hemel Hempstead and he used to go to the school where my Mum worked. 2007 (and on) will be interesting... I think it will be mid season before it's obvious who is the best.

How to watch Le Mans racing?

My money's on Kimi-Ferrari - driver and manufacturer are the topflight; McClaren has yet to prove consistency although Alonso is formidable.

Is nascar fair, or do they pamper the points leaders?

I would say Kimi-I think Ferrari is still going to be very competitive next season. Alonso is really going to be up against it; Honda should be very competitive next season, Renault is not just going to roll over and die, etc. etc.

What is polishing and how do you do it?

kimi!!! =)

Can anyone tell me is there is a speedway grand prix on saturday. and where is?


Who do you think will win?

Always been Kimi..
I HATE HATE HATE ALONSO that monkey face..
He ruined Kimi chance to win the 2005 season, if Kimi don't had difficulty on his mclaren suspenstion I think He can Win the tittle...
Hope that that bad Mclaren car in 2006 remains the same when Alonso is in it in 2007...

In his rookie year what was Dale Jr. the first to do?

none of them! I believe it will be the long expected surprise!

What do you think the best Grand Prix is for spectators?

Totally torn, devoted McLaren fan, gutted to lose Kimi to the red devils, and really not sure I can bring myself to cheer on a Ferrari... though I quite like Alonso too....AARGH dunno!

Does anyone know Dave Blaney's fan mail address?

anyhting but Alonso!
and Kimmie is Ferrari...

Any extras for ninja 650r?

Neither. The Button era is upon us.
Ps. expect to see Piquet jr. in the Renault before the end of the year.

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