Anna should not put down jimmy Jonson?


Why does people disagree to the fact that Micheal Schummacher is the greatest driver ever?

You should explain who Anna is. Maybe she has reason to put down Jimmie Johnson...or not. She probably doesn't.

What is the best way to get a sponser for my race car?

I wish no one on here would put down the drivers. Some people on here are so nasty. I don't think it will change, tho.

I would like the value on a 1976 JOHNDEERE 440 liquifire snowmobile?

No, leave Anna alone.

In order, fastest first, which are the fastest racing formulas around road course's or street circuits.?

cheat: get called a cheater any ?

What's better a mazda r-x7 or nissan 240 sx?

Why not your putting him down since you can not spell his name (Jimmie Johnson)

I want to ride a speedway bike where can i learn?

Jimmy Johnson sucks!

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