Anybody else miss Murray Walker?

I haven't watched F1 as much over the last few years, at first I thought It was because of the lack of competition, but now I think it's just not the same without Murray. If he doesn't feel he can travel so much can't he just comentate from home?


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Murray Walker was Formula 1! And the sport has never been the same since he left. He could bring enthusiasm and excitement to a boring race. When he got things wrong it confused - we all just accepted it! And I quite enjoyed it! I would love to see him commentating again!

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can't say as i do!

I have a dale earnhardt photo of the final lap at daytona 1501 of 2001 can anyone tell anything about this?

A lot more than I'm going to miss Schumacher.

Then again I'd miss a bad migrane more than I'll miss Schumacher.

What do you think?

I know someone called Miss behave and her sister, Miss thebus, but I have never heard of Miss Murrywalker!
wait, she may be related to Miss Murrymint :-)

Why are nascar tracks asphalt, rather than concrete?

2 right mussy was f1 the best part was his gaffs he made live on air very funny indeed.and maybe he just wants a break dont 4get he is a old man now and maybe wants more time 2 himself u cant blame him 4 that :)

Which grand prix of this season do you think is going to be most exciting?

I used to miss him, being an avid fan and very anti ITV running the shows with Ads, but he has had his time, and I reaslised that I was only anti-ITV. Bring back BBC with all the bits that ITV does!! But sorry Murray, I am glad that he has retired, and I am glad that MB is in the box to bring a little sanity back to the other idiot.

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Murray was unique, and a great commentator. When he announced his retirement I thought I'd watch F1 less because he'd become such an integral part of the experience - his voice sounded like an engine when he got excited. However, Martin Brundle's a good bloke and so is the other guy who I've forgotten at the moment! They work well together and I've got used to them. Schumacher's last race today, by the way.

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I miss Murray Walker too.. its just not the same with out him is it?? he should do home turf or close by races.. I dont watch it much these days as whats the point you know whos gonna win.. hurray for his retirement. I love damon HIll and David Coulthard>>>>>>>>>>>

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Hear, Hear miss him to & like you don`t watch F1 as much anymore maybe we need to clone him so he`s not lost forever!

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The TV coverage is not nearly so good since he left

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No, not at all! Murray had his time, and I think he retired at exactly the right time for himself and the sport. I watched the highlights VHS of the '92 F1 season a couple of days ago, and he was entertaining with James Hunt as his serious sidekick, but He did go off the boil towards the end of his career, and I don't think he'd have been able to go on much longer than he did - look at his commentary of the GP Masters to prove that point!!

Although I would much rather have him back than have James "I know * all about F1" Allen talking bollocks all through the race!!

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Murray Walker was wonderful and away from the microphone he was a real gentleman. I do miss him and all his foibles, mainly because ITV didn't find a suitable replacement when he retired. Contrary to what others may say, James Allen does know racing; he just isn't a good broadcaster.
At one time when the BBC had the broadcast rights for Britain (and several other English-speaking countries), Murray and James Hunt did the commentary from a London studio. Murray would be seen around the paddock and the garages on the Friday and Saturday, talking to people and taking notes, before returning to London following the Saturday afternoon qualifying session.
There was one famous incident when Hunt wasn't heard until several laps into a race; he overslept and had to make a mad dash to the studio on his bicycle.

Shouldn't cops have a "nascar" type race of their own ? Seriously!?

yes F1 is not the same without good old Murray. He put the passion in watching F1 .all about the drivers family's kid's home's
the team's .but now it's got very BORING

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