Am i the only one that thinks the rule that you have to make the "The Chase" is stupid?

i liked winston cup's rule were better. i hope they change the chase rule were you have to be in the top 10 in points in order to win the championship.


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I've never liked the chase. The proponents of the "chase" liken it to other sport's "playoffs". The difference is that when you make the other sport's playoffs, you're only competing against other teams that make the playoffs.
If it were a true "playoff", the last ten races would only include the teams that make the chase, with some sort of graduated dis-qualifier so that by the last race there would only be two teams. That would be ridiculous!
And when is the last time that you saw a last place team come out of the stands to spoil a super bowl. That's what happens in racing all the time.
The old system simply needed a few "tweaks" to make it better but the new Nascar, interested in entertainment, not racing, couldn't leave well enough alone.
There will come a time when a team that is CLEARLY deserving of the championship will be denied because of the stupid "chase". Then we will begin again anew. Until then, we have to put up with it.

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I think the same way as you...I don't understand why the other racers would continue to even race if they were just crash pads for the top ten the rest of the way.

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I would like to see them expand the number of drivers who can make the chase to the top twelve to fifteen cars.That way one or two bad races wouldn't knock out a good car Dale Earnhardt Jr being a perfect example.The drivers who don't make the chase have many reasons to race hard like prize money,sponsor recognition,points money is paid at the end of the season relative to your finishing position.And probably most importantly a driver with some good performances at the end of the season might catch the eye of an owner with a better ride available,and there's also pride which i would think is a big factor.

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some ways it does because if you are in the top 20 it dont matter anymore but if you were only top 11 through 20 that late in the season u probably r not going to make a impact anyway. It keeps the ones not racing for the cup to not so aggresive towards the people that r racing for the cup. u know what i mean before the chase happened how many times did we see the top 5 wrecked by someone who did not matter with the points now that has changed just my opinion though it makes racing even harder for the boys of nascar because they cant have any mistakes period anymore and luck has to be on your side

What about the sponsor?

yeah this whole top 10 thing sucks.

But the reason the other 30 guys still show up to race is because they get paid to show up.

Just like the teams pay the broadcasters covering the race to talk about thier drivers.

Listen at the next race.
If they only mention a number, no name no sponsor.
That team did not pay the broadcasting company anything.

There is so much wheeling and dealing going on,
That making it into the top 10 is only the tip of the iceberg

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i like the old winston way.

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i love the chase. it's the best thing that's happened to NASCAR in my life time, so get over it

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The guys out of the top 10 mathematically couldn't win the championship anyway under the old system, so it doesn't matter.

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Luke... I am your father

What does everyone think about jeff gordons win,ithink if you have a slower car you should get out of the way!

Yeah, I agree with you on the question...the chase rule is dumb! I don't know what the best way to handle it would be, or why they did it that way, but they should make a change!

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you must be a Jr. fan.Don't worry so am I.Yeah,all of theses crazy rules and regulations have really taken away from real die hard racing.

Does anyone know why Kasey doesn't have as many points though he has the most poles and wins this year?

I think it is stupid very stupid. I love the sport but it seems like they are always having rule changes I still don't get the point of the free pass for the first lapped guy.

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i agree they should leave things as they were.

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