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What do I have to do to become a GT racer?


What type of van did i just buy?

Account Settings. You may see a different collection of settings than is presented here, depending on what features have been enabled on your site.

Enter in a new password in both fields to set it. Drupal sends you a default password that is often hard to remember, so it is recommended that you change your password to something you can easily remember.
block configuration
The site administrator may make some blocks (chunks of content that are usually displayed in a left and/or right column) optional. You can enable and disable the display of these blocks by checking and unchecking the boxes next to them.
If comments are enabled, you will be able to set a default signature. This will be copied into new comments for you automatically, but may still be edited.
time zone
Your site administrator may allow users to set their time zone. This will cause all dated content on the site to display in local time, according to the offset you enter here.
A "theme" is the basic look and feel of a Drupal site. Sometimes a particular site will have more than one theme installed. If the site administrator has made more than one theme available, you will be able to select what you would like the default theme to be for your account.
As mentioned earlier, different site-settings will cause different fields to be displayed on your user account page. See the documentation for individual modules for instructions on how to use these additional options.

Additional Information. Aside from the account settings tab, you may also see additional tabs, titled according to the information they contain. Some examples might include "Personal Information", "Workplace", etc. These are controlled by the profile module, and allows you to enter more information about yourself. Please see the profile module for more information on this.

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