Any dale earnhardt jr. fans out there?


The five most shocking moments in NASCAR history are?

look at my id and id say yes

Like read this?

no he is so popular, every one likes him. I like to break away from the crowd. My favorite is #5

Who are the ugliest NASCAR wives/gf?

i am

What is your country?

no never got on the band wagon -- he thinks he is always right &he is sooooo not attractive!

Kyle Busch?

ME!! Junior rules!!

GO #8!!

I was wondering do sports bar in the UK show F1?

yes right here, hopefully he has a kid someday before he retires to carry on the earnhardt legacy. I saw one of the posts above say that he thinks he is always right, Thats funny because you see him apologize more than any driver when he gets in a wreck or accidentally hits someone. (unlike some others, and i will leave that up to your imagination.)

Why is it so hard to find guys who like NASCAR in Minnesota?

Isn't he the one with the banjo pickin music in the background when he's talking!

Where to buy a supercharger in the uk?

Absolutely since 1997 I wish he could get out of this funk he's been in the past two years.

Does anyone love Carl Edwards?




Why would someone restoring a chevy put a ford motor in instead of a chevy?

I'm a fan!!

I need sum help when racing with frends?

hidey hidey ho!!
i love dale jr. and honestly not because of his name/popularity. i think he has class and truely has talent when it comes to driving. when he wins, he wins because he worked his a*ss off, he will never win by illegal activity on the car(think jimmie johnson) if he wrecked some one, its not purposley and he will go and shake their hands. being a girl, i cant say that i dont find him gorgeous, but beyond that he is very talented on the race track. he would be great wheter or not his last name was earnhardt

How can I find a machanic that makes house calls?

You betcha I am a Dale Jr fan. Not because of his name or becasue of his popularity. He is a good driver, maybe not great but he is a good driver; he is fair, he takes responsibility for his mistakes, he does not badmouth people, he doesn't talk trash and he doesn't get into fights on or off the track. Is he perfect/ Heck no he isn't. I remember when he was pretty wild but I also remember his daddy setting his straight on a few things.
Go Junior!

What does the badge "GT" actually mean? how does gt cars differ from other cars?

I love Jr. No not because of who he is or the name. He is a good CLEAN driver. And when he messes up he mans up to what he did and apoligizes.

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