yeah i was wondering what restricter plates were .. ?


How does NOS work in automobiles?

I'm pasting and copying my answer from a similiar qustion from yesterday.
A restrictor plate is the common name, but it's also considered to be an air restrictor and that names pretty much sums it all up. It's a piece of metal that restricts the air flow by only having four hole openings that air flows through. It is set to to reduce overall speeds and also decrease speed acceleration. There are mixed feelings on them. The theory is that they are for safety, b/c of the high speeds they would hit w/o them, but some believe that the tight bottlenecking of traffic, esp on restarts causes more problems. Many feel that it makes for better competition too.

It is used all over in motor vehicles, but in Nascar it is used at Daytona and Talladega Superspeedways, b/c of their sizes. Without it one time Rusty Wallace tested at like 235 MPH at Dega.. Originally it was set in place to reduce engine size, hence giving smaller, less wealthy teams the chance to compete against the other teams. That ended in the mid 70's when Nascar went to smaller engines period. The second reason it became instated was obviously for safety reasons. The 1987 accident of Bobby Allison is what set it in full swing. In 2000 after two of the sports most memorable tragic deaths it was utilized shortly (one race if I rememer correctly) in New Hampshire to help lower the speed coming into turns. Both of those accidents were thought to be b/c of a stuck throttle and the plates were to help reduce that. However, the 300 was deemed boring, b/c it was led all by one person, and there was no passing so Nascar removed them and went back to the two track usage. As the user above (in other question) mentioned tehy are issued by Nascar and installed by Nascar. The team never touches it. Also, the winning plate is then removed from the circuit.. So for example, the plate in Tony Stewart's car will remain in NASCAR piles of stuff forever.

What are target drivers for NASCAR?

device installed at the intake of an engine to limit its power. This is used in road vehicles (e.g., motorcycle for insurance purposes), but mainly in automobile racing, to limit top speed and thus provide more safety, to provide equal level of competition, and to lower costs.

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They are a device to restrict the flow of fuel into the carburator . The object of restrictor plate racing is to slow the cars down and presumably make them safer

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WOW! If u don't know that, u must be new to NASCAR. I explained this to my one friend in an email. It was long enough to be a book! I'll try to sum it up. It's a square piece of metal with four holes in the middle. NASCAR puts one on each driver's engine. This cuts down the amount of air that gets to the engine by about 50%. That makes the cars go a little slower, so instead of going 215 m.p.h. & crashing every where, they go about 180-200 m.p.h. Then, when there's a resticter plate on the engine, the drivers have to bump draft, I'll just assume u don't know what that is either. Okay, 2 or more cars get together, bumper to bumper in a line, that's drafing. Now, the drivers can also carefully bump the car in front of them to help both cars go faster. If there are 5 cars drafting on the inside of a restrictor plate track (Daytona & Talledega) & 10 on the outside of the track, drafting, then chances are the line of cars with more cars will go faster & move ahead, in this case, the ouside line. There, that's restrictor plate racing & bump drafting in a nut shell.

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ALL the answer's above Mine are very good..but in real NASCAR TERMS this is called a CHASTITY BELT....
but in most of the races they rip that BABY OFF and let it...BREATH

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They make the cars stay close together

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restictor plates are used to restrict the airflow to the engine.

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its a steel plate installed on the carburator for the intake so not as much air gets in. It slows down the cars. Usually about 5/8 of a mm less of a hole than whats on the normal cars.

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they are used to RESTRICT thew airflow to the engine by makin the intake port holes smaller. BUT PERSONALLY I THINK THEY SHOULD TAKE THEM OFF AND LET EM BREATH.

What's going wrong with the mclaren team this year?

they r just a metal plate wit holes in it and they slow the cars down
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