Any Casey Mears fan ?

He is cute, great body, sweet guy, HE IS PERFECT . Well Casey is in second place after Dale Jr.


How do you pronounce Robert KUBICA the new Polish F1 driver?

He is from my hometown in Ca. I have talked with him a ton of times and he is a very sincere guy. I knew him before he went big, and he is the same now. I can't stand Nascar, but it's cool that celebrity has not gone to his head. He is a little guy, the T.V. definitely makes you look taller.

How do the nascar drivers urinate during a race?

I like Casey. I think he has tons of potential in his racing career, and he looks like a cool guy. And he recently won a race, rekindling people's interest in him and realizing his skill. He is awesome, and I hope he continues to do well in his career.

Does anyone like greg biffle in nascar?

I like Casey - He has really been a great driver this year along with Dale Jr. I think this is Dale J best year in raceing.

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