About racing as a profession?

i want to become a race driver for any f1 team can u guide me how to enter it,i don't have any practice of racing before but mare interested in it than ever before so say any possibilities of it ,i'm in India


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Either have to be VERY rich or VERY talented. Most of the guys start carting before their tenth birthday and work their way up from there. If you have no race experience and are over 17 I would say you need to be VERY rich. Then you need experience. At least 2 years carting with a winning run. Then single seaters (say formula Ford, BMW, Palmer Audi or Renault) with at least a good results year in each. Then formula three and be winning consistently. Then you may have a chance if you are noticed. GP2 is also there and A1 ...possibly even formula Nippon.


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wel u hv 2 start ur racing career with go karting, u hv 2 perform ur best in it,so u cud drive 4 national or asian go karting competion, then som1 from formula ford, formula renault, gp2, a1 gp etc wil see ur performance n sign u 2 drive 4 their team (even som1 from formula 1 wil sign u if they think u r da best driver..)...then again u hv 2 try ur best in lower league racing so u can catch evry1's attention so som1 from f1 wil take u 2 their team....they myt not take u directly as their racing driver.they myt take u as third or test driver n myt giv u chance aftr som years.....but its not easy 2 b there as i m tryin 2 do it n i m indian as wel (but i m livin in UK)...thrs facility of go kartin in mumbai, delhi, banglore, chennai, hydrabad..u can find it on internet....or u can find ouy about nariyan karthikeyan's way 2 f1 on internet....

gud luk....hop 2 c u soon on f1 grids..

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Most of them, and this goes for any pro racing, start at 5-10 yrs old racing go carts. If you win a lot you move up to bigger go carts and small cars on local tracks. Not sure what they have in India. Since you write well Im going to guess that you are older than this already. Pretty much have to be rich enough to buy your way in at that point or settle for a lower level racing career.

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Also, this stinks i know, but the MOST important thing is the money, so either be rich, or have rich backing or you're not going anywhere. There are hundreds of extremely talented club/amateur racers out there who get no recognition whatsoever for their accomplishments and cannot move up in rank because they can't afford a ride.

And you DO NEED MONEY of some kind. Not everyone can blow it all away karting or on a ride somewhere. Without the money to start you cannot get fresh engines and tires and the best equipment constantly, and in most cases, these things do matter.

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These people that have answered so far are VERY wrong. The most important thing is TALENT. You need to start racing at about age 4-5, in karts. I started racing karts at age 6, up until about 15. I raced against Danica Patrick, Sam Hornish jr., and Fernando Alonso was on the same team as me when I was a junior. MANY drivers are not super wealthy. They prove themselves at a young age, and get sponsors. Look at Alonso, he did not come from money, and he is the world champion. Im sorry to tell you this, but you are probably FAR to old to ever be an F1 driver. Im telling you, most of the competition out there has 15 years of racing experience in racing, by age 20. I hoped to become an F1/indycar driver, but stopped to go to college. You have to pretty much choose between getting an education, or becoming a pro driver. I raced 2 years in the barber dodge regional series, and was trying to get a ride in toyota atlantics, but like I said, decided to get my education. Why? Because there is no guarantee that you will ever make it as a pro. Now, I hope to someday own/operate a team. My best advice for you is this: Get into kart racing. Its fun, semi-affordable, GREAT competition, and a good stepping stone if you decide to move into racing big cars. Look for a track local to where you are, and buy a kart. You will have a blast, and learn a lot about racing in the process. Good luck man, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

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I'll be brutally honest; if you have to ask that question and from the few details you've revealed, you have absolutely no chance of becoming a Formula One driver.

There are only 22 active F1 drivers (24 next year), plus a handful of test drivers, but there are thousands of others currently racing in the lower formulae, dreaming about driving an F1 car.

Learn how to bowl a yorker and you may eventually play test cricket for India; it's a more realistic goal.

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it doesn't matter where u r,the age is important
you should start with go kart,
then maybe if u r very talented
to drive formula 3,and then some
F1 teams should notice u...
then u will become a test driver and if u r good
u will become real F1 driver!!!


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Formula 1 is the best 4 wheel motorsports in the world. The requirement to be a driver too, is of course highest in the world.

Most driver developed their skills since young. It's a lifelong learning process. But that said, just as in anything else, different people takes different amount of time in doing what they are doing to gain the experience and improve themself. Just because you're older than the age when Alonso or Michael Schu took up karting, it doesn't mean ur chances has been reduce to 0%.

But that said, I don't think its the right mindset to go into auto racing with the immediate aim of becoming an F1 driver, because with that mindset, it might distract you and you may not have 100% passion in whatever you're doing currently.

The passion you need is to be the best racing driver in whatever racing you're doing currenly. Take it step by step, perhaps u can take up go-karting, joint some local autoracing clubs. Just do well in whatever you're doing, be the best, make a name for your self, and people will start noticing your tallent. Then you can move up to more professional racing like F3 perhaps, for example. You just have to make yourself well known as the best driver, eventually someone will spot you and sign u up, hopefully.

It's a long way to go but not impossible. Make sure you enjoy autoracing, have the passion for it, not just dreaming about F1 only.

Good luck to you.

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first u need to give us some more information about u...
...like how old r u...that's really important...did u ever drive a kart?...and u needed to start thinking about that when u were younger.

u can try to get to f3.but that's really hard to do cuz first u got to find a good sponsor...
and u need some extra practice...

...i know it don't helps that much...

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Bring money...a LOT of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Usually drivers start out karting at a young age (5 yrs or older). So that's where i'd advise you to start. compete in karting races and try to win them. talent spotters will of course be there so if you're good enough, a manager may take you under his wings and help you in your career.

from karting, move up to higher series'. usually drivers step into F1 via GP2 nowadays. Formula BMW is also great. When you're good, sponsors will start coming in. (read: $$$$) Racing needs money and drivers need sponsors to make it into the sport. with all that, you're on your way.

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As a beginner I suggest you to go to Karting, In India we dont have any F1 circuit, So it will be very tough to get in to it when compared to countries where there are circuits,,,, You got a long way to go, but if you stick in to it firmly then I will say that you will be the next Karthikeyen ;-)..good luck

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