A circuit is different to an oval who here agrees?


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Yes it is different. An oval is more or less the shape that we all know and it has a gradient to make turns easier and its usually more boring as cars use drafting ( following behind the car in front closely to reduce air resistance) to overtake each other. Where as for circuit, there are different angles of turns using different speeds and techniques for different turns. Its is therefore more challanging.

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a circuit is a lap (or a path around), I believe (like an electrical circuit). An oval is a shape. You can do a circuit around an oval, if you really wish.

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They can both be referred to mean the same thing, but in racing a circuit generally means a road-course.

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Yes, they are definitely different.
An Oval can also be classed as a type of Circuit but anyone who knows anything about motor racing knows the difference.

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The word circuit can have many meanings. It frequently refers to a series of races.

If your point is that "oval" race courses should not be considered "circuits", I disagree. A circuit is any closed course, where laps are run repetitively over the same course. I would not consider rally's or drag races to use circuits. Ovals, road courses and street courses do.

Folks who don't like "oval" racing should look at some of the tracks and see how they are different. NASCAR's last race was at Pocono Speedway. The uninformed might consider it to be an "oval", but it is actually triangular. Each straightaway is a different length, each turn is a different radius, angle, and banking. It is very difficult to set a car up for the entire track, leaving much room to test the driver's skill.

A comment on yanbros answer, which states that drafting results in boring races. Drafting is a skill, known to be used in F1 and other "pointy car" racing. It adds to the strategy of racing, and most importantly, puts the strategy in the driver's hands, rather than in the pits.

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Yup, very different - although I wouldn't agree that a circuit is traditionally a road circuit. A circuit is built differently, with more twists and turns and different emphasis with driver skills - oval racing requires different techniques entirely to circuit racing.
Personally, I find oval racing a bit dull but I'll admit I don't know much about it and it might just be my ignorance.
And I've never heard of drafting - in F1 it's slipstreaming. I think that's what you mean. And that's certainly used in F1 occasionally, and definitely not on ovals.

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