Any Vickers fans?

Man, I couldnt believe how the race ended today. I like Jr. and I was kinda pulling for both of them. And i couldnt wait for Vickers to get his first win, I just wish it wouldnt have happened that way. But I dont believe that Vickers intentionally took Jr. out, yes he was being pretty aggressive but I still dont think he purposely took out Jr. or Jimmie. I do think Jr. should've won today cause it was so close, but things happen..thats racing. And I wish that all the Jr. fans wouldnt have booed Brian for winning. So anyway, my question come whenever anybody gets bumped out of the way (intentional or not) everybody says "thats just racing" but whenever its Jr. thats getting bumped out of the way, the person that wins after Jr. gets bumped gets all the boos and everybody says they shouldve been penalized?


Alonso is a cry baby. Would you agree?

I wasn't expecting jr to win it with johnson and vickers behind him but i didnt expect what happened vickers just got a little anxious he try to put the blame on jr for cutting johnson off which wasnt the case.

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...hell no.

Should Kevin Harvick's Busch crew chief be suspended because of Daytona, and if so for how long?

I am not personally a Vickers fan but I didn't see anything that made me believe that he should have been penalized. I commend Jr for saying what he did after the race and keeping his calm. A lot of the other drivers could take a lesson from him in that.

Is it because of adrenaline boost?

I missed the end of the race (had to go to work) but I heard it on the radio and read about it on the internet and from what it sounds like, it was a racing deal. I'm a Jr. fan, and like he said, stuff like that happens, especially at Taladega. I wish he would've won (or at least gotten a top 3 finish) to help him better in the points, but that's how it goes.

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Yeah Yeah but did you notice change in the points now

Two Fords against what 7 Chevy for race

The ending was help for 6 and 17

I'm trying to find a web site that I can watch the Nextel Cup races. Any ideas?

Jr. & Jimmie had a great run.
I have been waiting for Brian to win in 3years I sure wanted him to win but not this way.
in the end a HENDRICK car was in Victory Lane, Talladega being Jr.'s nation, you can expect anything for the fans.

Who is top of the team mates?

Here is my problem with what transpired: Vickers sux, always has, always he stole a win, whatever. As much as I hate that Jr. was 45 sec. from his 6th at 'dega, it was still a great race, so...whatever. Here's my beef with Vickers: after the race in victory lane he gives this half *** performance blaming it on Jr. and J.J. and dedicating the race to the Hendrick family, he's such a douche, I with I had payed enough attention to him to know what sponsor to boycott, but I honestly don't remember. I hope he goes away.sooner than later.

Does anyone think NASCAR is better than football??

bumping and rubbing are all parts of racing but what brian did was dirty and the only reason he did whatn he did is because he is leaving hendricks and looking for a ride look at what he did to mike bliss during the bud shoot out last year jr isnt * if it wasnt for his father he wouldnt be * his fans are his fathers if he would have come up threw the ranks like tony steward, jeff gordonand so on he would not have the fans that he has now

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Dirty tricks played by a young fool, six more races to go. Vickers needs to watch his mirrors, for more experiensed drivers (#8 and #48) otherwise he will learn about bump-drafting in a differnet way.

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There is a difference between bumped and spun out on the last lap.

Most of us Nascar fans has scene the Jeremy Mayfield commercial?

Junior is a class act and always a crowd favorite. You just knew that Vicker's win wasn't going to be popular with the fans.

I need to buy a refactions for my old ford car (1977 maverick), do you know where i can find it? was Talladega and things like that happen. I do hate that it happened to Dale Jr because he would have gotten his 6th win there and he would have left as the points leader.

What I totally hated was Brian in victory lane with that evil smirk on his face blaming Dale Jr. That was not Dale Jr's fault that had Brian Vickers being so desperate for a win that he made a bonehead move and took out two of the best cars on the track! I will forever boycott Redbull!

Brian Vickers and the rest of the HMS drivers need to learn a lesson from Dale Jr and his team. You should always have class no matter what happens.

Oh's on to Charlotte where I will be rooting on Dale Jr to get his 2nd win of the season!

Do you thin that in next five years, we will watch the domination of Alonso or Kimi?

no fan of
but a fan of #24

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Nothing against Jr., but I think he knew that he'd look like a hypocrite if he said Vickers was totally in the wrong because of his contact with Edwards on the last lap at the Busch race in Michigan. It was wrong Vickers did it, but he didn't mean it, and like Jr. said, those sort of things are going to happen. I personally thought Vickers should've been sent to the tail end of the lead lap after the race, but I said the same thing about Earnhardt in Michigan, so, like it or not, NASCAR is at least being consistent.

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Not a fan but I liked what happened on Sunday!!! Go Kasey Kahne!!!

Why is it that Jeff Gordon haters love to say he's GAY, when he's not and he's said he's not gay?

Hall no!!!

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