Any fans of dirt track racing here?

If so what track do you go to? Who is your favorite driver?


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I love all automobile racing with dirt coming in just behind NASCAR.I have attended dirt races all over Alabama & Georgia.The track I've been to the most is the Talladega Short Track located right across the road from Talladega Super Speedway,but I have been to races at Pheniox City,Rome Ga,Hollis Cross Roads,Glenco Short Track and many others I can't remember the names of.There is NOTHING better than to watch those drivers power slide through the turn's I love when they pull the left front tire off the ground when they are coming off the turns it's also pretty cool to see them throwing up clay from the back wheels when they are running down the straights,awsome add in the fact that at most dirt tracks you can see all the action all over the whole track.Yes ma'am dirt has got it going on as far as I'm concerned.

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Late models and Pure Stocks. I go to some local tracks in IN. My fav's are the Hines family.

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Finally, a good question!!!

Batesville Speedway in Batesville, Arkansas. It is were Mark Martin got his start.
My favorite driver out there right now is Michael Murphree from Little Rock. He is the defending modified points champ at the 3/8-mile high banked oval and appears well on his way to a back-to-back title.

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2007;kimi or alonso?

I'm a big dirt track fan. Not many tracks left around where I live though

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I'm a fan of Dirt track racinng.

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Grew up with a midget racer for a dad and now my brother does it too. I've been announcer at 20-odd tracks here in Australia.


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Dirt racing is the best form of racing around, due to the cars, the drivers, the fans, and the attitude. I go to Fonda Speedway and most of the guys who race there do it for fun so they are willing to smash to win. They love to race so the drivers always put on a great show. I enjoy watching the sprint cars the most, my favorite driver is Craig Keel. AJ Romano is my favorite modified driver. The fans at the dirt races are awesome too. The ones that come to Fonda usually come to watch races, see friends, and get wasted, and that they do. Probably the reason i most like dirt racing is because these drivers will smash one another for positions, and everyone that is there loves to be there.

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