African Americans in NASCAR?

Are there any black NASCAR fans here that are in a group, on yahoo or elsewhere, or would like to form a group? I'd like to know other blacks that are and talk on race day. I'd tried a group before, but it didn't work. Just send me an e-mail or answer here, of course. Thanks for the help/interest.


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I see that a lot of people on here are saying you are being racist! Wow...all you are trying to do is ask a simple question, not get into a bunch of fights! I am half black and am very into NASCAR racing. It seems to me that there aren't a whole lot of non-white fans, but maybe someday that'll change. NASCAR seems to carry this certain image around, making it look like only whites are into it. And that was its fan base long ago when NASCAR came into being. But someday that may all change. I'm a person who believes anyone can like what they want, despite race or anything else. Isn't that one aspects of being American? Freedom is one of the best things about USA, and nobody's going to try to step on people who actually use freedom to do what they want. Sorry...I'm getting sidetracked...anyway, I would be interested in your group. You aren't being predjudiced to want to have an African American have that right 100 percent to do that. I hope you find more people.


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A lot of African Americans don't like Nascar.

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I have a good friend of mine who is half south Korean and half black. He is absolutely huge into Formula one. He knows virtually everything about it. He has wanted to be an F1 driver all his life. He watches all the races, has all the video games, and when he races the video games, he competes world-wide with anybody else that wants to compete. His F1 video game scores are some of the best existing. He is absolutely obsessed with it.

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It is funny how it is ok to form an "Africian American" group for anything but just let someone try to form a "Caucasian" group for something...then that is discrimination.

Ummm I don't think I am beng racist. I am simply stating that African Americans are not the only ones being discriminated against in this country.

As for blacks racing in NASCAR, let them. If they can get the sponsors and can qualify for every race then let them race but don't holler "discrimination" when a black driver gets wrecked or gets a speeding violation on pit road. If you are going to be in the sport then take the bad with the good and don't cry out when things don't go your way.

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nascar is the only white mans sport left!! you have the nfl=negro football league the nba= negro basketball association. and then baseball which has been taken over by latinos. golf now constantly talks about tiger woods and suddenly the sport is a black sport now. so if nascar becomes black then the white boys may as well take up ping pong!!!

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Nascar sucks. The only time it's cool is when there is a wreck.

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try going to nascar truck series and find the black truck driver bill lester..maybe that might help.

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I have followed Nascar since the early 60's.Every since then I have seen several groups of blacks at many races.Even this past race at Talladega sitting about 5 rows in front of me was about 4 or 5 blacks in the group and behind me was 1 black with a group of whites.I viewed this as race fans.Even in Wallys world before the brodcast Sunday he took Sterlin Sharp around the Speedway.
When you watch the race crews you see several blacks,maybe not as many as you think you should but their are several there.
My son did a black history month report a couple of years ago on blacks in stockcar racing.Most of us have heard of Wendell Scott the first black to win a NASCAR race.Even some of us have heard of Willy T.Ribbs who drove 3 or 4 races in the 80's.Even today we watch as Bill Lester drives the 22 craftsman truck.But not many of us know the name of the black driver from the 1950's.He drove for Carl Kiekhaefer,his name was Charlie Scott from Georgia,He ran one race in 1956.
Today there is a major diversity plan that is helping both fans and future drivers.

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Why are you trying to segregate black NASCAR fans from the rest of NASCAR fans. We all like the the same sport, so in that there is a lot to talk about.The only time color is brought up is when someone talks about a car they like or dislike, never about a person's skin . You brought racism to the table by asking this question.That was racist.

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