Any one think that Alonso will win this years f1 or will sch win it ans should he give up f1 for good?


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Schumaker's a sportsman, he won't be that pathetic to say bye bye to a sport he's been in for so many years just because he lost a couple of championships.

Don't know who'll win it this year though.

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Alonso stands a good chance of winning, but don';t underestimate Shuma not yet.

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Sch can't loose. I backed Reikkenen for a long time but the car wasn't good enough. I've not seen a racer as good as that lad a few years back. Stopped watching it after that.
You can't make the man quit - he is THE best. It's unfair to make a man quit because he's the best.

...but maybe make him have an extra heavy car.

Hgu 335n trying to contact you?

Alonso is sharp on the tracks and maintains fabulous pole position...schumi affirmative nod for Alonso

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Alonso will win

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the 2006 F1 season will be an exciting one.
alonso is looking for another win and schumi is back getting wins.
let's wait and see. it's a hard race to the finish. believe me.
this will be exciting.

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I am Kimi's fan. and this season is too hard to watch...
I think alonso will win, and i HOPE that michael will retire! Michael is boring!

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alonso should win the title bout time smacker had a good rival
and yeah f1 has been boring for years for the good of the sport shumaka should get paid off to go do summit else
and hes a cheat apparantly ie damon hill and monte carlo this year or does he use the rules ? to benifit him

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Unless there is a major collapse at Renault, I think you can bet the farm on Fred Alonso repeating as world driving champion. As for Michael Schumacher, he's still winning races, so there is no reason for him to quit.

Will Jensen Button ever win another Grand Prix?

Alonso has the edge over Schumi but I still put my money on the one and only Schumacher

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First of all F1 is all unpredictable, all games for that matter. Our guesses or instutions may not work many a time. Alonso sill leads the scoreboard, if he get to the form before schumi takes away the lead it will be an easy champianship title for him.

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if schumy wins every race that is left and Alonso comes second then alonso will win. He is too many points ahead for schumy to catch him. for schumy to win the championship then he needs alonso to fail to finish or finish well down the pack for 2/3 races which i think is highly unlikely.

I think that maybe he should retire as there are some good up and coming drivers about at the moment and competition for the seats is fierce. but can you imagine a ferrari without schumy in it at the moment??

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I don't know... Schumi looks good, he's got a lot of momentum behind him and Renault are losing theirs - Alonso's got problems off track as well, there's rumours about him not wanting to go to McLaren anymore. I wouldn't if I were him - McLaren aren't looking like a good package at the moment.
I don't think Michael's retiring, guys, the questions have changed from will he / won't he retire at the end of this year, to will he / won't he retire at the end of next year or 2008! I think the man's sticking around - and I'm happy about that!

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1. I hope Alonso wins rather than Schumacher.

2. I hope Schumacher does not win the world championship

3. I think Schumacher should give up F1 for good!

Why so late?

looks like Schumi will be around for another year. its going to be tough for both as of now.

Anyone going to the nascar race in michigan on sunday?

how about schumacher to take the title in brazil with barrichello finally winning at interlagos and in doing so beating button to hondas first win (since they came back into f1).

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