Any advises or tips when you go to watch F1?

Question:I will be going to watch F1 this Sunday at Albert Park in Melbourne. This is the first time I go and watch a car race, so I need some advises or tips.
And since I don't know much about this sports, could you please explain breifly what's this sports about?
Thanks very much~


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Ear muffs/plugs - absolute essentials. They will be selling them (with Paracetamol for headaches) at the entry gates for $3 in case you forget to bring them.
2007 F1 Season begins at Melbourne, and it is expected that this year will see one of the most open competitions in a long while after the retirement of the dominant (record breaking 7 time world champ) Michael Schumacher. There will also be a couple of highly talented rookies and relative new comers such as Lewis Hamilton, a Brit, the first African/Carribbean in F1), Heikki Kovalainen (who beat Michael Schumacher in a one-off Race of Champions event), Nico Rosberg (son of former champ Keke Rosberg) and Robert Kubica (who stunned the F1 community by coming 3rd in only his 3rd race last year).
Of the 11 teams (2 cars per team), the dominant teams in the recent times are Ferrari (Schumacher's team), McLaren, and Renault (going for the 3rd straight title this year). It's expected that these 3 teams will again fight a close contest this year. The Team Williams, which have been one of the strongest teams in the 90s had a horror year last season due to poor reliability of their cars, are keen to rejoin the winners' circle this year, and have looked strong in the off season testing. Then you have the well funded but ever underachieving Honda and Toyota. BMW Sauber are relative new comers in F1, but they have impressed last year, and are touted to be one of the real dark horses this year. Red Bull Team, with their youthful, ambitious and hard partying image have so far achieved little on the race track, but this year, they have the legendary car designer Adrian Newey who may help them to turn things around. Then you have the Red Bull B Team "Toro Rosso", and Spyker and Super Aguri who are expected to be the back markers once again.
As for the drivers, the punters have their money on Fernando Alonso (who won back to back titles with Renault in 2005/6, and are trying to make it 3 in a row with his new team McLaren), Kimi Raikkonen (aka "Iceman" for his cool demeanour driving for the scarlet team Ferrari), and Felipe Massa (who learnt a great deal from his teammate (the "Master" Schumacher) last year).
Friday is practice. Saturday is practice and Qualifying (fastest driver in Quali will start from the front of the grid ("Pole position") on the race day. Teams will try to maximise their chance of getting the best result by qualifying well, and adjusting the fuel loads (makes a big difference to lap times), tyre choice (to get a best grip/wear compromise), aerodynamic setting, and strategy (when to pit, how many times to pit, and how long to spend at each pit stops).
For beginners, it can be a bit hard to know what's going on during the race (ie who's leading, who's going fastest), especially if you are not in front of the TV with commentators explaining what's happening, but the best thing about being at the race track is the atmosphere. So enjoy!
Go to your local newsagent and pick up a copy of the Official F1 Programme for $12. And study it.

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Bring a pillow cause F1 is boring as hell and you might fall asleep. NASCAR is much better to watch in person.

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1st of all u have 2 support felipe massa & kimi raikkonen & ferrari as all people do.....

it wil b borin without michael schumacher but u can njoy it by supportin ferrari..

u wil b getin bored wenevr u watch fernando alonso bcoz he is gay...

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It will be nice...

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bring ear plugs and a pillow f1 is sooooo boring really don't bother going a brick is less boring

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Take the whole day to walk around and enjoy all the sights and sounds, because F1 is like the circus coming to town. There is a lot to do and a lot of cool things to see. The vendors are always great and have many interesting things to buy, but it's always expensive at the race track. Plus, the fans and people you will meet are a real trip too. Some fans go to great lengths to show their pride for their favorite team. Unless you have assigned seating, find a spot near a jumbo tron (large TV) that you can see the race coverage from. It can be kind of boring if you have only one small view of the track. Also, bring a small radio that you can hook a head set up to so you can listen to the track announcer, that way you will get to hear all the action if you can't see it all, and you will know all of what's going on. Just have a good time, get some beers if you drink, and kick back. It should be a fun day if you keep an open mind and enjoy the atmosphere.

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Soft cushions to sit on. Earplugs ( definitely ). A good camera. Lots of patience for those around you. Plenty to snack on and drink ( expensive at the track ).

This comes from being at the USGP every year since it came to Indianapolis.

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1) ear plugs 2) if sunny day, sunscreen you don't wanna end up like me at USGP ;o) 3) find a good spot, turn or S-type chicane, so you have close look and hear the power of the engines 4) camera (better camera is worthy) for good memory's 5) plenty of water !!! 6) something under your butt for comfy seating

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bring ear muffs if your a girl. make sure u can see one of the many big screen tv's they have there so u can follow the race.

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Try to go to every session, from Thursday to sunday. You need to get the thing as a whole race weekend, not just the race on sunday, also, enjoy the feeder series races that will be on saturday and sunday morning. If you go to the practice sessions and quali sessions, you will, first, get a grip of color scheme for every team and drivers, tip, as you see identical cars pay attention to the high pod just behind the driverĀ“s helmet they are painted different so you can differenciate them. Second, you will fall in love with the sound of those engines, this should be first, if you only go on sunday you will regret not getting the extra sound time from practice and quali. Third, check your race seating place in advance (friday or saturday), and try to get some action from other sites during the weekend. Fourth, if you get the chance to visit the pit lane, do it, do not hesitate it is just so beautiful to see the cars so close.


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