Americans in F1?

If a American Manufacturer and a decent American Driver (obviously not Speed) in F1 is that all it would take to get Americans interested in F1...or what would it take to get more Americans Interested


How impressive would it be if a driver won the busch and nextel cup in the same year?this has never been done?

The last time an American manufactor entered as a complete team was Ford (although they raced under thier Jaguar branch) and to be blunt, they f**ked up big time. Although some have supplied engines at one time or another I doubt another American manufactor is going to jump in with a whole team within the next few years.

As for American drivers apart from Marco Andretti, I don't think any have even an remote intrest in F1. But looking at the testing Andretti did for Honda earlier this year, I would say he has a very good chance for making a succesful transistion for IRL to F1. Although Andretti isn't use to tranction control (not used in IRL) and was in last year's Honda (so comparrisons with the other drivers in the new cars was tricky) he managed to be 0.069 seconds off the time Christian Klien set the day before in that car. Klien has been in F1 for several years now. It was the SECOND day that Andretti had ever driven an F1 car. And this is before we get to the fact the Andretti's surname is, well, Andretti and is a member of (probably) the most famous racing family in America and the world. If he wins races there well be an increase of intrest.

Now for the main rival for F1 in America is NASCAR and the two are completly different beasts. NASCAR is oval racing (for F1 to do one would requir a whole new car design, tyres [although that shouldn't be a problem for Bridgestone with it's Firestone connections], etc.) , several hundreds(?) of laps which through several yellow flag periods becomes several short sprint races and crashes that take out 'x' of the field . Neither of these appeal to F1 fans (I, personally, have tried to watch NASCAR a few times but it was the qualifing system that always threw me off) but at the same time what happens in the average F1 race doesn't appeal to NASCAR fans. I'm not suggesting that F1 adoptes an NASCAR-style but if the cars can be a bit less downforce-dependant then over-taking opertunities could be improved and the F1 sterotype of 'prade-racing' could be removed for the American mind and make it more appealing.

Another F1 race in America (Watkins Glen or a street race in Las Vegas or...) would also help.

Has there ever been an african american Nascar driver?

Here is what it would take more television exposure in the US, two drivers who already have huge exposure in the US, and an entry by an American team.

Amazingly you could get two out of three, but I dont see an American company that would be willing to invest the money it takes to compete in F1. Some drivers that would be able to transition to F1 and take some of their fan base are Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Jr obviously. I think Stewart would have the easiest time with the transition, I dont think Bernie would like him much though. Gordon would be another driver who could make the transition. The only auto company that might be able to do anything for a F1 team is Chevy, although they have been out of the open wheel arena for some time now.

Its an interesting question, but I dont think its anywhere near a reality.

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Americans like the underdog to come in and win with the ugly team and ugly car. In Formula 1, Schumi won too many times from pole. The best race in Formula 1 is Monacco. Where the car that qualifies in the pole has a 90% chance of winning. That is not going to fly in America, where the monster mile has 10 lead changes. Indi racing has 4 lead changes in the first 15 turns. F1 needs races in an oval. And, if they do one in Daytona or Poconos, Americans will be hooked. Go Alonso! you can save F1 for ever with a win this season.

Jazz in a Horse...

What kinds of races actually happen at the NASCAR ALL STAR CHALLENGE RACE at Lowes Motor Speedway?

I doubt the majority of Americans would have any interest in F1. First of all, we would have to watch most races at 2 am. If we caught the replay we'd miss our beloved Football or other sport.

It also takes a certain type to enjoy road courses. My dad, who watched NASCAR since forever got me hooked but I hated it as a kid. At 26, I love it. I'd like to see more road races but my dad doesn't.

It's true, winning pole almost guarantees a victory. Where did Montoya start in the Busch race in Mexico? Probably high if not pole. I want to see NASCAR at Laguna Seca! WOW! F1 should pair up with NASCAR and include the US GP as part of NASCAR's weekend of the Brickyard.LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE!!!! Oh well.

Have you ever noticed NASCAR drivers pour liquid on them at Victory Lane?

American manufacturer? You are kidding, right. Maybe you can watch news or read newspaper, because you will find out that Ford, GM or Chrysler are in or on the edge of bankruptcy. I believe there is a american driver, even Red bull have challenge to find F1 driver and as someone already said race is most of the time in the night hours here in the US, what i really like is replay at noon very next day, but then you flip channel and NASCAR, another ch. college basketball ... so those are the main reasons. I have been only at one NASCAR event and most exciting moment was crashing. That remind me of Hockey, where nobody cares about game until fight broke up.

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scott speed

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Not Really Ford an american manufacturer has been with F1 for a long time though and Ford made Cosworth Engines have won a few Constructors and Drivers titles. Red Bull is Jaguar which was owned by Ford.
America is a land of spectacle sports and that is the key. The average american wouldn't like to tink too much and thrills and action is all that excites him.
For F1 to be popular it needs a change of image, a diffrent appeal, more races which will lead to more sponsorship, more viewers and if the americans enter f1 in a big way they can probably kick Bernie out too.

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im going to take a diffrent route on this question, i think its more of the way the race is presented, americans prefer action, driver and brand loyalty are second, how many times have we sat and watched schumi running laps at monza or imola with a 15 second leade no cars around simply because hes the lead in an italian car at an italian race ?
same thing at sozuka when sato was in a honda, same in spain with alonso, we would rather watch spyker and toro rosso battle than watch a lone drive run hot laps, the action needs to be the star not the driver,

second and this will give me some heat, but if you want the largest echonomy to dump its dollars into f1 you need more full corse cautions, remember how exciting monaco was when the safety car came out late in the race? bunch up the field close the gaps and drop the green and you'll get all the action you want

When do you think we will see the End of the Brickyard(Nascab) 400 race ?

Speed can do it...if he landed on the right team. I dont believe that American drivers arent interested in competing in F1. There are plenty of young drivers that would love the opportunity, and are completely competent. The American racing series are just too disconnected from the European base of F1.

I think the most reasonable possibility in the short term for founding an American team would be Roger Penske. He did have a F1 team back in the late 70s or early 80s? He could pull a team together, and get enough funding in place to do it. However, he's getting pretty late in his career as an owner, and has too many irons in the American racing fire to do it. Chip Ganassi...same story. Panoz? Maybe.

Is the real ID act a chip so the gov. can tell where you are?

Scott Speed has the best chance for now... he did a fair job last year as a rookie in a bad team. If he started out with better equipment i think he wouldve done better. Experience is the best teacher and Speed has won in the past in open wheel. And oh yeah, his name is Scott "Speed" :]

...tony stewart? lose some weight fatso :P

and as for a manufacturer... impossible

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