About Honda F1?

Question:1.In which country does the first round of the FIA Formula One World Championship start?
2.Which F1 Racing team is offering a part of their car in this week's competition?
3.At which London museum was Honda's new RA107 launched?
Natural History Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum
Science Museum
Design Museum
4.What is unique about Honda's new RA107?
It has flashing lights
It features large images of Honda's drivers
It has no visible sponsors
The colour changes with temperature
5.What is the name of Honda's environmental website?
6.Who's the brain behind Honda's green F1 initiative?
Simon Cowell
Simon Fuller
Max Clifford
Alistair Darling
7.Who's the chief executive of Honda Racing?
Nick Fry
Bernie Ecclestone
Nigel Mansell
Alain Prost
8.How big will each name be on the surface of Honda's F1 car?
One yard
One micron
One centimetre
One pixel


WHO will win, Tony or Jimmie?

1) Australia
2) Honda
3) Natural History Museum
4) It has no visible sponsors
5) myearthdream.com
6) Simon Fuller
7) Nick Fry
8) One Pixel

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Do u think yellow caution flogger's are educated or experienced enough in amateur motocross these days?

ur question is well long
sorry ur questions r wel long
i didnt read it

Car racing?

Q4) What's unique about the RA107 is that it's really pretty, but is a crappier race car than the ones from last year that Honda sold to Aguri. Hahaha. Nice going.

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