Any1 know if there is a points calculator for the old NASCAR points system?

I'm just curious how the field would look right now if we were still under the old points system.


Should Kevin Harvick's Busch crew chief be suspended because of Daytona, and if so for how long?

I'll just post the whole thing for ya :-)

Unofficial "Classic" Points Standings
...the old way, not the Chase after Talladega:
1) #17-Matt Kenseth 4327
2) #48-Jimmie Johnson 4125 -202
3) #29-Kevin Harvick 4006 -321
4) #31-Jeff Burton 3905 -422
5) #6-Mark Martin 3904 -423
6) #11-Denny Hamlin 3863 -464
7) #20-Tony Stewart 3824 -503
8) #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. 3805 -522
9) #5-Kyle Busch 3802 -525
10) #24-Jeff Gordon 3762 -565
11) #9-Kasey Kahne 3727 -600
12) #99-Carl Edwards 3588 -739
13) #16-Greg Biffle 3497 -830

Turbo kits?

you might find one here, but I doubt it :(

Who is the biggest whiner and complainer in NASCAR?

The only place I've seen it is at jayski's:

What is the difference,between moto gp bikes and world superbikes and british super bikes?

What is dimension for parallel parking?

what's the POINT?

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