A1GP or GP2?

Both are new single-seater series; which is better, in your opinion?


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Well, GP2 is a launch pad for any top-level open-wheeled motorsport. A1GP is a sort of "World Cup" of motorsport. Both field talented drivers, both are spec-series (every driver gets the same chassis, the same engine), both are becoming really prestigious... It's too close to call, you can get the answer once these series have gone on for a few more years.

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A1 grand prix

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I think that the Qualifying procedure in A1 GP is far too complicated, and should be changed. Also the sprint race at only 20 minutes and counting towards the qualifying for the feature race is basically just a glorified qualifying session and should be scrapped, or made longer.

The feature race itself is great, and I really like that the Driver's can't pit during a safety car period - that should be brought into F1.

At the moment though I prefer GP2, it's less complicated and very exciting to watch - whether that will still be the case next season without Lewis Hamilton and Nelson Piquet Jnr. is anyone's guess - but I do enjoy both series, so don't be surprised if my favourite changes by the time the next GP2 season starts up!

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Perhaps I'm being pedantic, but I don't think we can call GP2 new; it's really a follow-on to F3000, which replaced Formula Two.
Anyway, despite the name (they should have gone back to Formula Two), I have to say GP2.
I think Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum's A1GP is going through some growing pains (it lost piles of money in it's inaugural season) and I'm not convinced it has staying power.

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