20002 trailblazer have to jump start it if i let it sit for to days without starting it have a new battery in?


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If you jump start it and then run to the store or school, the battery is not getting a thorough charge.

FIRST step: Charge it with a charger or drive at least 50 miles, while observing the gauge.

NEXT: check the battery cable connections for corrosion.

Next: check the charging system for proper output.

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first make sure the battery connections are tight. if they are then look to see if you have something turned on ie radio is not turning off completely, maybe you have something plugged into the cigarette lighter. if none of those fix your problem go to advance auto parts and they will test your battery for you.they will also install a new one (if you buy from them) for free.

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You have a draw some where. sometimes the altanator field will stay energized and drain the batt..most part stores will test it for free.

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i think it is just a lose conection on your ground but i dont know i have never worked on a 20002 that like not even avialble yet did you get the prototype and if you did where can i get one

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