Alonso or schuey?

do you think ferrari will try to pay some one to sabotage alonsos car ? is it possible?dont forget anything is possible in f1/ how much do you think its worth to them


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Alonso definitely has a head start, but he better not make a mistake :)

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the only way that schuey can win is that alonso doesnt finish the last race coz if he finishes he will finish it like always in a good position that will give him the only point that he needs at least to be the champion alonso will be the champion 99.9%

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I don't think Ferrari would go quite that far. In any case obvious sabotage would be noticed during qualifying, after qualifying the car enters parc ferme.

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Alonso has it made.

Since Schumacher needs to win the race, he can't simply wreck Alonso to win the championship as he's done to others before.

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I doubt that Ferrari would do that and end what is already a very controversial F1 Career.
I really wanted Schumi to win but it was just not in his destiny leading the race and then the ever relaible Ferriri threw in the towel.

Only a miracle can help Michael win the F1 World Championship in Interlagos & I am hoping for that miracle to happen.

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schumi and frerrari bcoz alonso is bstrd n renault is crap...

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Ferrari want the titles so badly, but I hope they learned from their past mistakes and they will want to finish Schumacher's career in an honourable way. He lost the championship, so why not make a big retirement by a duel between him and Alonso, a fair duel, on the track, to remain in history, if he wants a proper retirement?
Because he can't win the WDC. And Renault only have to get a 3-4 or second place and another point, because that's enough to secure both titles.

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thats exactly what I'm thinking. that is exactly the kind of stuff that Schumie does when he is under pressure! he will pay someone to smash Alonso out of the race! Bunch of cheaters they are!

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Don't underestimate the coniving ways in F1. It's been 12 years since Ayrton Senna passed away and there is still a debate as to his car being sabotaged. Rot in hell Frank Williams

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Schumi. I hope.

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