Any live Qualification of Formula1 on itv1 this night?



Which is better?

Nope, even though ITV have 5 or 6 (if you include CITV) channels, none of them will be showing the Qualifying session live, however at the time the qualifying takes place (6am is when the session starts UK time) ITV1 is showing the same Children's Programmes as CITV, ITV2 is showing Children's Programmes, ITV3 is showing Second Thoughts - a sitcom from the early '90's, ITV4 is closed down and ITV Play is showing ITV Play.

All of which are obviously more important than the Pinnacle of Motorsport, especially when two channels are showing the same programmes and one is shut down.

We have to wait until 3:30pm - nine and a half hours AFTER the event. Good luck to all those that try to avoid hearing the result before they watch it!

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No. ITV are not showing the Japan F1 qualification live this week.

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try regular tv :)

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It is telecasted live on Starsports. The Qualifying is at 10:30am according to race local time and race is at 10.30am. Convert it to your local time.

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