Any kyle petty fans out there?


Who will win the Nextel Cup Championship?

Nope but his dad was awesome.

Why are so many of the NASCAR driviers so short?


Class guy. Tough too, the way he kept going after his son was killed. Adam looked like he might have been a good driver too.

I keep hoping they'll win again, either of the Petty's teams.

What driver will win nascars nextel cup ?

I would like to see his team do better. With the career his dad had, I figured he would do good too. Hope to see him in victory lane soon.

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no, not at all. i think what he does off the track is wonderful, but on the track.kyle who?

time to retire, buddy.

I have been rookie banger racing on and off for 2 years , but need another racer who is good mechanic any idea


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Kyle is one of the true nice guys.I have meet him several times.He has had it very hard in the recent years with the loss of Adam.
Back in the 80's Kyle had everything to be copetitive.But with more wall street coming in to the series and wanting "younger and flashier" drivers the drivers like Kyle were relegated to mid pack drivers.I still pull for him and hopes he wins one more time.
When my son was bornin 1987 I named him Kyle,after Kyle son has met Petty and had his picture taken with him several times.

NASCAR fans...?

Oh god, I love Kyle Petty. My sister is still a fan, but she also roots for Jr. and Tony Stewart. She has her reasons, Jr. cause he's cute and good. Stewart cause he's good and Petty cause he was the first driver she rooted for. But I really hope he does better, he's one of those guys who gets caught up in other people's stupid stuff, or something happens that's not his fault. But he's the classiest guy on the track. When people like him, Ken Schrader, and any of those underdog drivers run up front, I always root for those guys. GO KYLE!!!

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His work with the Victory Junction Camp is outstanding. A true nice guy.

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what he and his wife does is wonderful for there son whom they lost. and i like him on speed but I'm sorry to say he doesn't have what it takes to win a race .

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well i like him but not a big fan of his,he isn't a good race car driver right at the moment

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Yes---K.Petty is a class act both on and off the track! Sure wish his team would perform a little better!

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Kyle is a class act on and off the track. I wish he would run like he did back in the early 90s.

Does anybody have a frequency list for nextel cup tomorrow at michigan?

Yes, i'm a fan of his on the race track, and even a bigger fan of what he does for kids, he really is one of the greats, on and off the track.

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I love Kyle Petty. He's not my favorite (go Sterling Marlin!), but what he's done for the kids is amazing, and I really, really, respect him for that. I saw something about the Kyle Petty Chairty Ride on SPEED and it really showed me how much of a nice guy he really is, and also showed me how nice of a guy Adam was too. I guess it runs in the family (Richard Petty was a great guy to his fans, or so I've heard).

To me, NASCAR is about more than driving around in circles fast, it's accept your place as a rolemodel and doing something for the community. A lot of drivers have foundations and such, but Kyle Petty has really stepped it up a knotch from what a lot of the others do.

I would really love to volunteer at Victory Junction, as it is only a few hours from where I live. I'd probably voluneer at the stables there, because that's all I can really do.

Rest in Peace Adam.

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as far as being a racing fans of his,no. but i think he does a lot of good things off the track!

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h*** yeah go petty!!!!!!!...

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Dose He have any?

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Sorry but im not a Petty Fan (Johnson fan here)

Do you HAVE to be a past champion to race in the IROC series or just of won a major event?

he does ok, i like anyone that is not jeff gordan, but i'm a dale jr fan all the way.

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