Am I drunk if my sentences r backwards and I mispronounced my words ?

I drank a botttle of peach snapps it was good now |I'm drrunk thats ok 2 should I have another beer I think I should do U ?


Who is going to win the monaco grand prix this weekend?

go ahead... but get off of Y!A while you're at it.

First, Jeff Gordon, then Tony Stewart, now Matt Kenseth..and a certain three letter word?

if you're at home, then it's okay to have another. but don't drink and drive.

Can you tell me when I can watch the replay of todays NASCAR race that was that I missed ? Thanks?

I would be drunk if I can read them correctly and make sense out of it. :)

F1 on Speed or CBS?

maybe, but for sure you will sound annoying!
hahaha! :) lol

Who do you think will win or be the suprise standout in the Hungarian Formula 1 Race on Sunday?

I think you should post your question in the appropriate forum, and that would be: Inebriated, unable to use proper grammar and punctuation. :-)

Who won jeff burtons payday this week 8-13-2006?

What the hell are you talking about?

When do you thank nascar is going to end?

While participating in motor sports?

Lewis Hamilton is the hottest, sexiest driver in F1. Do you agree?

You, my friend, are in the right mindset to watch (and maybe even enjoy) NASCAR!

I have a question why do you not cover nhra and ihra drag racing?

What does this have to do with Motor Sports?

When its confirmed dat Kimi has joined da Ferrari team, why do they still air da Mclaren/J. Walker/Kimi ad?

Either Drunk or stupid, you posted your question in Motor sports.

Which Grand Prix will you be going to in 2007?

No, I think you're dyslexic.

Who was the formula one world champion in 1996?

No. You're Kurt Busch in Phoenix!! Watch out!!! The sheriff is behind you!!!

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