Anybody going to the Brickyard 400 in two weeks?

If so, go to Ike & Jonsies downtown Indy Friday before the race - great place to party!


Can a impreza motor fit in a escort?

skifaster66, dr_phil_angie and Pyramid Head shut the hell up, noone asked you!

I wish I could make it, not this year, hopefully one day I will and will check out Ike and Jonsies! I will definately be watching the race on tv though!

Did anyone go to the Monster Truck Mania Yesterday (19 Aug) I enjoyed it very much - I am a Right Sided Brain?

Yes, I will be driving my 1983 Camaro which I just put new rims on and just got running after it was sitting in front of my trailer for five years without a motor.

Whats the website adress for bsa wheels?

I wish!

Has any race car driver ever vomited during a race and what happens?

Is Ricky Bobby gonna be there?

skifaster...that is the funniest thing I've heard all day!!!!

Why would a startline official use a national flag to start a race at the British Racing Festival?

No, I don't live in a trailer and drink budweiser. I do have Nextel though.

Which current drivers don't deserve to be in F1? Why?

I'll remember that for when I actually get to go!! Too many kids, not enough babysitter!!

Witch car do you think would win in a race? and why...?

This is more for Pyramid head, I live in a big house and I drink Budlight, and I will be there! GO Jr.! Let me guess here, you drink Kool-Aid and live with your parents,,,,,,, I'm right, aren't I?

Who is your favorit nascar driver and why?

im going! for free!!

Why is there no more world super bike races this year?

a* freakin' right doggy.. i'm brickyard bound and am ecstatic!! can't wait.

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