Anybody besides my happy to see Tony Stewart knocked out of the chase?


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Yep! I'm glad. I was at Richmond and on the way to the parking lot, people were cheering and clapping cause he didnt get in

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no, the defending champ should be in the chase automatically, regardless of who it is, be it tony stewart, jeff gordon or even kyle petty, the defending series champion should have the right to automatically defend his title

Should FIA introduce financial spending limits for the teams?

I honestly could not believe it. Not that I am too upset about it, I am just so surprised. I didn't see the race, but I saw the aftershow special. And I heard he wasn't in. But I am kind of glad he isn't. Sucks that the Hendrick boys all got in though.

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hell no!!!

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I'm happy.

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i'm upset. he is a good driver and puts a little drama into races with his attitude

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Yes, if Jr., Gordon, and Harvick joined him it would be perfect.


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Well, I wouldn't call it happy exactly. I did feel bad for him during the post race interview. At the same time, I was totally relieved to see that my driver did make it into the race. I'm an Earnhardt fan and he hasn't had a very good couple of years. Now, if Gordon could have gotten knocked out, that would have made me happy. That guy has always irritated the crap out of me.
You know, I still don't like this new points system they have for the Championship. I liked it better when all the drivers felt as though they had a chance. Made for more interesting racing.

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Hell yeah

Kubica disqualified!?

I am THRILLED about it. He doenst need to be in the chase after all the crap hes pulled this year and nascar let him get away with. Too bad so sad!

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Now whose shoulders will the hot headed drama fall onto?? Gordon? We all know he wants it bad. It's happened in the past. Jr? He wants it more than all of them, but I think he will be calm. Kahne? Will he finally crack? Personally, I think they should just let Mark Martin win it. He deserves one last celebration, don't ya think??

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I did not hear that.
But thank you very much you made my day.
Happy day happy day oh happy day

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Not really. He will drive like a bigger @sshole the rest of this year and for sure next year.

Question About The Chase?

My husband and I were at Richmond this past weekend, and we saw Tony wreck the 20 car in practice. In all honesty, no, I am not happy to see him out. During practice, his car started to slide, and he had 2 choices, go up or down the track, if he had gone down, it would have done less damage to his car than going up and hitting the wall like he did. The reason he did it, is because if he had gone down, he would have taken out Denny Hamlin's car also. Tony's not the bad guy he pretends to be - he's just a very emotionally involved driver, who sometimes let's those emotions get a little out of control. Just look at Carl Edwards as of late - he's becoming Tony Jr. Fans would quickly be disappointed if the drivers showed no emotions, and didn't have those "racing" accidents. It's really what you pay to see during the race. I was real happy to see Jimmie Johnson hit the wall during the race - happened right in front of me!

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Oh yes I am very Happy. Now I hope that Joe gibbs fires him. Then he can go to work for his fellow whiney little mommas boy- He can drives the Pampers car for Michael Waltip Racing. Keep the crybabies together!!!

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Please tell me I'm not the only one who can't stand Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr.?

I don't know if I am happy or not. For sure, we will see a different Tony Stewart during these next ten races than we would if he were in the Chase. I don't think we would be sitting here talking about this had he not crash is primary car during practice.

The Chase being what it is, one driver was going to end up on the outside looking in. Tony Stewart happened to be that guy.

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no...the chase is going to be really lame now

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Not as happy as I am to see that Newman didn't make it, AGAIN.

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I am. He doesnt deserve to be in the chase.

No i do mean Auto Grass.?

I am!!! Too bad Gordon and Harvick made it :p


Anyone been to the Montreal F1 race?

No Id rather see Gordon, Jr, or Jimmie out the chase-not Tony

Since stewart is out of the chase do u think he will start racing agressive to take out his anger?

NOT ME!!! Tony is my favorite driver. I'm disappointed, but I know he'll be back next year.

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May I remind you that Ryan Newman didn't make it in, either?

I'm actually a fan of both Tony and Ryan, and am sad that neither made it in. It's a shame...but the top 10 guys do deserve being where they are. I'll be rooting for Hamlin now to win the cup!!!

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