American turbos?

does any body have a list of american turbo charged cars and what type and trim they hade any info would be awsome



I assume you mean production cars from the factory with a Turbo?

Well the biggest problem is American car companys dont really care about small turbo charged engines, they are more concerned about big block (gas wasting) performance. The only cars I know about that are actually still being produced by a US company with a turbo STOCK are:

Dodge Neon Srt4:
Vital Statistics
Engine A853 Inline 4
Block Iron
Head Aluminum, DOHC
Intercooler Front-mount air-to-air
Displacement 2429cc
Bore & Stroke 87.5mm x 101mm
Compression 8.1:1
Fr Brakes 11-in. vented discs
Rr Brakes 10.6-in. discs
Wheels 17x6 (45mm offset)
Tires 205/50ZR-17
Curb Weight 2870 lbs.

Saab Aero 9'3 (owned by GM):
With 32 valves, variable intake valve timing and twin-scroll turbocharger, the V-6 pumps out 250 hp and, true to Saab heritage, the performance centers on low-end torque. The turbo delivers maximum 258 lb.-ft. (350 Nm) by 2,000 rpm and maintains it through 4,500 rpm.

But the Neon is the only one that is made on US soil, the Saab is made in Australia.

It was rumored back in 2004 that the Ford Focus would get a SVT turbo but it never happend.

Now if you go into the past then you can find that:

Ford had a turbo Laser in the US
and a Turbo Escort in the UK

and GM had a Turbo Piazza and a Claibra (both sold in the UK)

But the bottom line is that US car companys have abandon the small car Turbo market.

And they wonder why they are losing market share in the US??

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