Any new rules that you think NASCAR should make?

Can you think of any new rules that NASCAR should put in place?


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Man people are clueless and ignorant, the question says NASCAR!

I think if a driver can't drive he should lose his points, not have a fair is that!?!?

I also think they should give tougher penalties, as they are starting to now, on agressive driving...we don't need anymore deaths! We have too many hotheads (Stewart, Kenseth, Busch brothers, etc.) they should be worrying about the most!

For the record: How do any of us KNOW Johnson had a clue what Knaus did, Johnson may have he may not have, WE will never KNOW! People need to get over it, he got penalized and is still winning, if they cheated anymore...they would've caught it as they did that time!

Do you think that Valentino Rossi can win GP this year!?!?!?!?

Yes - Please ban it from television.

Where can i find a website that will tell me specs on any vehicle? specs as in hp, rear end ratio, torque.?

They should make it a rule to keep racing until there is at least one fatal crash each time. What a stupid "sport."

Whos thinks it was jeff gordons fault he spun at the end? and should he thank tony helping him before?

Every lap, one car will be randomly chosen to drive off a cliff

What's a "purple sector" or "purple lap" in car racing?

Yeah, They should use new modern engines instead of old 50's requirements. I mean, they are still using a Carburetor

F1 fans, will you miss Montoya next season?

They need to do something about the drivers fighting all the time. Don't get me wrong it's entertaining to watch and everything, but it's getting out of control.

Anybody remember the MTV sponsored car in F1 back in 1994?

I think it's just fine.

Who thinks Jenson Button will win more than one race this F1 season?

I think combining it with foot racing would make it more exciting... but seriously, the foam walls were a great addition. The 'rules' per se are pretty ballanced as they are.

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YES, the rule to be consistent with the fines and points they hand out. Jimmie Johnson should have been fined points, he knew perfectly well what Chad had done to his car at Daytona.

On a camaro convertible,the part when the top is down that goes from side to side like an arch w/brake light?

Yes - I think that they should not allow a team that is not good enough to qualify for a race or stay in the top 35 to buy a ride. Waltrip did that a few races ago - not right.

Watched the outlaw race last night - and they had a rule that if a driver gets in as an "alternate" (I think a driver dropped out and they let him race so they could have a full field), he can not get points for the race...They should make a rule like this for NASCAR - so, if Waltrip didn't qualify - sure buy a ride, but don't allow him to get points. Then his sponsor gets to see him on TV, and its fair to the rest of the drivers.

Waltrip can't qualify but he can buy a ride? This deal was the only time we've seen NAPA on Nascar this year!!! :-)

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no but they will make enough they always do n we will learn to deal
have a great day

Who will win nascar point standings?

allow right hand turns

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"I hate NASCAR...NASCAR sucks.its a stupid sport..."

Wow, people, what valid arguments. You make me want to quit watching! Idiots!

If you hate it so much why do you answer questions about it? And why are you so narrow minded and hateful toward something that you don't understand? You MUST be liberals.

Now, to answer your question...I don't think they should change anything. I think by changing rules so much, they widen the competition gap between the big budget teams and the single car operations. I would just vote to NOT change anything for at least two years.

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One thing I keep thinking about is the pit stops. NASCAR has been working and working on the safety aspect of the sport and have made great strides in that area. One thing, however, is getting worse and worse is the situation on pit road during caution flag pit stops. With as many cautions as a race has and almost all of the drivers coming in at the same time, we very often see crew members being hit and cars coming together damaging the race cars.

NASCAR can do one thing to make this situation much, much safer. That is to allow only green flag pit stops unless your car is damaged in a wreck. Of course, that wreck is normally what would have brought the caution out to begin with. By spreading the times the cars come into the pits, pit road would be safer. Also, they wouldn't have to run as many caution laps waiting for pit stops to be completed. They could get back to green much quicker.

Which one of these 2 drivers is hotter?

NASCAR should eliminate the "lucky dog" clause where a lapped driver can get back on the lead lap during a caution. The "lucky dog" almost never wins, and is a poor example for competitors who are fighting all race long not to be lapped.

Is H. A. "Humpy" Wheeler still alive?

Ditch the stupid CHASE format and go back to a format that rewards the whole season. Then give the race winner a 25 point bonus and a 10 point bonus for leading the most laps.

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Keep Cup drivers out of the Busch Series, I believe it is a stomping ground and should be used for either teams that can't afford Cup cars or painfully, development drivers for experience.

I agree with NASCARFAN, Waltrip bought the McGlynn Racing #74 so he could race and show his sponsors off.

There are plenty other rules but those are the two that get on my nerves the most.

Should there be a new Trans Am Series in 2010?

Just fine the way it is

Did Robby Gordan actually throw something out his window to cause a caution ?

Yes, they should give the pole winner a bonus. Although Ryan Newman would have won a couple of championships by now if they did award a bonus, a 10-point bonus would be fair. Also, they need to keep the Cup guys out of the NBS and the NCTS. Please. It's a drain on prize money, sponsorship dollars, and press exposure. Limit the Cup guys to five races in each "lower" series, and allow Busch and NCTS guys five races or fewer in Cup.

Why wasn't there a yellow flag?

they should never freeze the field on the last lap. a race should never end in the middle of a lap, they should always race to the checkered flag. as for the guy who said get rid of the chase, are you on glue? the chase is the best thing to happen to NASCAR in my lifetime. as for the guy who said get rid of the 'lucky dog', are you on crack? if you remember, before they started freezing the field, the leader would always slow down when the caution came out and SEVERAL cars would get their lap back. the 'lucky dog' makes the race more interesting and stategic. as for the haters who come into NASCAR forums to say how much it sucks, get a life.

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Absolutely ,NASCAR should make a new rule stating that any Nextel Cup driver who is in the top 25 in Nextel Cup points SHALL NOT be allowed to participate in Busch Series Races

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they need to change the lucky dog rule. instead of the first car not on the lead lap getting his lap back, it should be the first car a lap down or more behind the leader. this way it would be more like it was before the made the rule of not being able to race back to the finish line when a caution comes out. back then, if the first car a lap down was 20 cars behind the leader, he wouldnt have gotten his lap back. but with the free pass rule, u could be right in front of the leader and get ur lap back. stupid rule

Wich dirt bike should i get?

New seat belts because did you see what happened to Dale Senior?

Was there any international motorcycle race ever held on the Monaco F1 track?

i think they really need to look at the issues surrounding qualifying. if you can't cut it then you're out.. BLAH.

i'm pretty happy with things. i'm starting to get used to the chase and some of the things that came with it. my biggest beef is that it's time to let racers race. i'm tired of eeryone thinking that little bump is agressive now.. uhmm rubbin' is racing folks. it has been for years. look at drier's like aj foyt, dale earnhardt.. yeah, they would bump ya a bit..and guess what.. it was racing. yes there is clean bumping and there is dirty racing..but a little rubbin' is racing. all of those pansies, including the fans who get all hot and bothered by it, need to sit on down..and shut it. it's a boys sports..let them be. it's a FULL CONTACT sport. yes there have been some moment in which it was dirty..but trust me, those driver's will get their own.. let's go back to the good ole days where the driver's coud solve thier problems either iwth a little bit of paint swapping or they'd go into the garage have it out and be done with it..that's where it woud end, but they just needed to have a moment to have it out. the problem is everything is freakin' taped it has to be watched b/c it's being broadcasted..get than dang media ot of the garage. garages are for cars and teams..noone else.

sure they coud do something about the pit boxes b/c yeah, there have been more injuries there than necessary, but a lot of it is b/c the crew guy has been out of his box.. not saying he shoud be ran over, but ya have lines for a reason.. i know they don't have a lot of room..but some of the pit boxes are awfully small for the driver to get in there and leave room for the crew on all 4 sides..

as for the cup drivers in the busch series. yes, i'm getting a little tired of them dominating, but you also hae to understand they are what help keep the busch series alive. they help bring in the money to keep it going. also, to me, if you can't run with the big boys on saturday night you are not going to be able to run with them on sunday..

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just with the points. first place should get aleast 10 more points then 2nd place. so you can see ever harder racing in the end of the race. and on the race for the chase, the last 10 races i think the top 10 drivers should be seperated more then just 5 points from each other when they start. like 20 points maybe. its not fair for the points leader if they have a poor first race in the race to pretty much out of the chase in one race.
also at talladega and daytona take away the out of bounds line they have on the inside. that would make the racing there better like it used to be.

Why do americans not like diesel cars when I love them and have one and use Biodiesel and why don't we have th

i tried of the nascar bashing it a good sport i think they should keep it the way it is it's awsome the damn people that say take of tv our it;s a stupid sport well not no more stupid then f1 our irl or other sports like nba which i think is pretty stupid sorry but that s how i feel

Who is the most annoying NASCAR driver?

yea, no nascar drivers allow in the busch races. i think they get enough money and its not fair to the busch drivers who are trying to make a name for themselves

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They should get rid of the Chase for the Championship.

It's stupid.

I mean, look at 2004. Jeff Gordon's stats beat Kurt Busch's by ALOT, but Kurt Busch won the championship because he happened to be extremely lucky in the last 10 races of the season.

In NASCAR, why is the starting grid comprised of 43 cars?

yeah, take it back to the old days when it was actually racing and not and ego contest between the most powerful teams.

Where is the best place to watch at the monaco grand prix?

Make them race on road courses.
Let's see their true value compared to the best pilots in the world...
(like Formula 1 and endurance pilots)
Let's compare Gordon, Earnhardt and company with Schumacher, Alonso, Raikkonen and co. (Formula 1) or somebody like seven-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen.
There is no comparison. F1 and Le Mans drivers are the best ever.

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