Alonso shouldn't have left Reanult....?

Question:i am a real supporter of Renault and that he joined Mclaren...i dont feel like watching F1 at all..

do u think Alonso can prove himself again at Mclaren?


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There's no doubt that he is a very talented driver. Like you i would have preferrred if he stayed at Renault good driver and good team. I think he can shine at McLaren but only if they produce the goods for him. They've been quiet for a while but now that they have the No1 driver they might shape up and do a good job for him.

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I don't think he should have left Renault for McLaren. I really believe that was a mistake that will hurt him somewhat, but he is talented so you never know.

I'm glad he left Renault, in a way though. It gives a better chance for Fisi, Heikki, and Piquet Jr to show how good they really are.

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I think he is doing absolutely very well in Mclaren

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I think that if Mclaren can put a relatively reliable car together there will be a hell of a three-way between the two Ferrari's and Alonso. I personally feel like your a fair weather fan if you want to quit watching now, you never know what will happen in F1

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"Real" supporter?
"..don't feel like watching F1 at all"?


By the way, Alonso doesn't have to prove anything.

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It happens. but McLaren have definitely improved their pace... very evident from testing.
Renault has got slower due to withdrawal of sponsorship by Telefonica and Mild Seven, Renault has lost its speed.
Alonso's move to Mclaren is a brilliant decision, and a very lucku 1 too.
Watch F1.. u'll begin 2 like him in his mclare.

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