Any drag racing fans out there? if so who are you're fave driver/s?


Fav nascar driver? 10 points to the one who gets mine!!!?

Yes, I love drag racing. Fave Drivers: Bill Lutz, Billy Glidden, and Gary Rohe all race Outlaw 10.5W Races.
Bob Glidden (Ex-prostock)
John Force and Don Garlits (If you don't know who they are, then you don't know anything about Drag Racing)
Don Walsh Jr. (Pro-Mod 5.0)

How does NASCAR know when a tire is loose after a pit stop?

Melanie Troxel:)

Does jeff gordon have a shot at winning another cup in the near future??

John Force

Im 13 and i want to pursue a racing carrear do you know if there is any racing leagues in Grand Rapids,MI area

John Force,

Help with 99 mustang cobro r.?

Ashley or Courtney Force. Yaba (cksq)

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