A F1 world champion 2007?

who do you think will be champion 4 this season?kimi or alonso or lewis hamilton or felipe massa?


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70% -Kimi Raikkonen
20%-Felipe massa
9%-Fernando Alonso

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Alonso, 100%.

Who Is going to win Tonights nascar race??

This is Kimi Raikonnen's year. Alonso is not going to win this year. Hamilton is a good driver, but don't forget he is starting in a Mclaren, not a Toro Rosso.

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Kimi Raikkonen is going to win. With his new Ferrari he looks unbeatable. Fernando Alonso would only win if his team-mate Lewis Hamilton would help him. Lewis Hamilton needs some more experience. He might win the title next season. Felipe Massa doesn't look himself after two races.

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i think definitely not massa.Kimi should be able to crown F1 champ this year..but it will be tight competition between kimi and alonso..

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It's down to Alonso and Kimi, in my opinion. So far, things look good for Alonso. The car is fast and has no reliability issues and his teammate Lewis is quite a good no.2 driver, scoring points and taking off points from the Ferraris. Kimi meanwhile looks strong this year. His car is no doubt, one of the fastest (or the fastest) and to top it off, he's a great driver who makes the most out of every opportunity. It's hard to say who will win, but it's either Kimi or Alonso.

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Alonso 50 %
Kimi 40 %
Massa & Lewis 10 %

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As long as McClaren can keep up with what Alonso needs, no question it will be Fernando.

Massa is too immature (reference his attempted passes on Hamilton) and Kimi drives too hard for Ferrari to keep a reliable car under him. Ferrari makes cars that are "works of art," but they can't keep up with the punishing that Kimi will dish out.

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I think this comes down to Fernando or Kimi, with each having some claim as a favorite.

I think Kimi was the definite favorite coming into the season. He has great pace and the promise of a fast and reliable car. He lived up to that in the first race, and for what was essentially a wounded car in the second, still came away with a podium (and if a few things went differently, he might've done a bit better).

The biggest challenge will come from Alonso. Alonso seems to have brought new focus to Mclaren, and the whole team are firing on all cylinders! While I think Kimi is a slightly stronger driver than Fernando, Fernando enjoys a definite edge in his fitness and his ability to work with the engineers and team to get the car to the state where he can best use it.

Hamilton and Massa? Lewis Hamilton has been nothing short of amazing so far. He made few mistakes in his first race, and less in his second. He's learning and getting better. But as much as he's shown so far, he's not near the level of champion yet. There are still a host of challenges he's yet to face and there will likely be some downs yet to come to match his early highs.

Massa... last year when driving in the wet I began to feel a concern that Massa was a journeyman level driver. At that time when Michael Schumacher was putting on the pace on intermediates, Massa was struggling to just keep the car on track on full wets! Massa shows moments of great pace and sometimes falls into his rythem where he seems to simply glide through traffic. The problem though is that he is not always in that rythem. He's easily distracted and doesn't show good judgement in deciding when to press and when to be patient. He's still a young driver, but he has enough experience that this should be close to a non-issue. Massa will likely do ok this year, but will be fighting with Hamilton for third place.

The fight between Raikonen and Alonso will really come down to the teams. Both are looking good at the moment. Mclaren will still need to improve a little to really match Ferrari, but I think it's likely that this newly focused team will. Still, as long as Ferrari can keep everything together and stay reliable, Kimi will score lots of wins and points. Both drivers are cool and capable of the pressure, so I think it will be which team presses too hard or makes a losing gamble.

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That's a tough one so early on, but given the results of the last two races, I'd say it will be a 3-way battle between Kimi, Alonso and Hamilton. Kimi himself said he was surprised how much pace the McLarens had in Sepang and it may or may not have been a fluke, but Hamilton was also on podium in Melbourne, so I'm guessing it's not a fluke.

I see Massa being relegated to #2 status if Kimi outperforms him in a few more races, especially if Kimi wins and/or Massa doesn't even make the podium. Ferrari have gone to great pains to stress there is no #1 driver at Ferrari but that's obviously nonsense. There is no way Massa is making the kind of money Kimi is and there is no way Ferrari will let the two battle on the track if Kimi is clearly the better driver.

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It's likely alonso. I still see kimi as a car breaker and I was never high on massa. If alonso was lucky enough to get a Schumacher engine failure at suzuka last year, he is lucky and good enough to win in '07.

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