Any one interested in f1?


What do you think will happen to Michael Schumaher next year? Will he retire?

what a stupid question!!!
of course,i LOVE F1
(I am watching it since I was 4 years old)

Who likes NASCAR,and whos your favorite driver.?


Nascar, the WWF of auto racing?

Ya and its coming to india too

Is NASCAR as big in the U.K. as F1 ?

F1 is a great sport. It's so interesting, exciting and competitive. Definitely worth watching, whether you are a supporter of any driver or team. I LOVE F1!!! My favourite sport ever...

What is a import car?

yes, im intersted in F1, and also about a zilllion other people...

1976 winston cup champion?

what do u think?
why is it so popular

Where in ireland could i get my car custom resprayed preferably in southeast of ireland?

If I did not love F1 I would not be answering this question. Of course I love F1. It is the greatest ever sport. I have been a fan since 1998 and I havent missed a single race and also if you ask me any question about any race between 1998 and 2007 I can answer you.

Is monster mile club tickets @ Dover to meet drivers & tour track worth it for 99.00? Ha anyone erver been?

its ok just watching the results to see if ferrari can do anyhting without schumacher. i hope alonso wont repeat, i still think leaving renault was jsut a way of saying im the best and i can win with anybody

What is my boat worth?

F1 races is great.

Does anyone know where i can get a four wheeler cheap?

Yes. Pretty much grew up watching the races on ESPN in the morning when they were on there.

Who sells scooter parts in brampton on?

Actually lots of people are interested in F1 - it's considered by many to be the most watched sporting event outside of the Olympics or World Cup, but those events only occur every 4 years.

The viewing audience of an F1 race is in the tens of millions, not to mention the spectators at the track for each of the 17 or so races each year.

It's not nearly as popular in the U.S. as it is in just about every other country in the world, but that's because there are several other motor racing series to watch, in particular NASCAR.

How do i watch WRC 2006 in the states?

Yes just became a fan last year...

Can we apply drifting technique Daytona race ?

Obviously Yahoo wouldnt have a section for F1 if enough people were not interested.

Of course I am, seen almost all of them since 1993.

How do the guys of nascar deal with the urge to pee or poo while driving?

I think im the biggest fan of F1 in this universe, coz i like this sport so much...I luv F1....NMN

How do you seperate the fan clutch from the water pump on a 2001 ford f-150 the nut is to hard to break lose?

That's why we're here talking about it!

What can be done to make British (or world) rallying as exciting as it was in the eighties?

Yes, love the sport. I'm going to go and see the Spa testing this summer.

Spa F1 Test:

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