Any NASCAR fans out there??


Plan on attending the june race at Indy?


Why do NASCAR fans think Jeff Gordon is a homosexual?

DEI in the house

I read somewhere that Brian Newman has cause for awareness for dogs health, does any one know a site?

I am. Love NASCAR.

FIA GT Championship.?

Hell no.

Is it true a Nissan Skyline is illegle in almost every state or every state in the United States?

hell no... sorry

Whos your favorite Nascar driver?

Jeff Gordon #24 Rules!

What are the differences between the newer Chevy Cavalier and the Chevy Cobalt?

Gooooo Gordon!

Does Denny Hamlin or Tony Stewart have a girlfriend??

Big time Jeff Gordon Fan

Can anyone tell me some advantageous applications of turbocharger?

#24 all the way!

Who Do i like better Smoke or Jeff Gordon?

I'm here.
Hendrick Motorsports fan.

Is Katherine Legge the newest female racing British star the real thing and a better than Danica Patrick?

i hate it

How fast does a ferrari f1 go from 0-60?

i am too. go 24.

Why is there such little interest in Formula One in America?


Who is your favorite Nascar driver and team?

I don't watch it much but I think it's a cool sport, and I'm really happy to see there's a few chicks in the sport.


Trivia question on bill elliott?


How to supup a saturn for racing on dirt track?

i'll watch it sometimes. jr. is my favorite. jeff gordan is gay!!

What can i do to my 94 probe fairly cheaply to gain off the start speed?

yep i do! i like jeff, dale jr, kevin, jimmy j, dale j, and micheal. i trully hate tony stewart..." you gotta give alittle. " - WHATEVER!

Who's gonna win the Nextel Cup this year?

bet your butt

Is NHRA's Tony Schumacher a relative of Formula One driver Michael Schumacher?

do bears crap in the woods ?

Illegal road race across the country?

ME!!! I love it.


Can girls become F1 racers?if yes then pls tell me the procedure for it available in india.?

Here, there and everywhere!

Can I get a 'hell yeah'!?!?

Tickets for donington moto-gp aren't out yet - did anyone buy a weekend pass last year - how much was it ??


GO Dale Earnhardt Jr.!

Who are the biggest flops in NASCAR history?

yes go Jr.

Would a lighter clutch improve acceleration?

Earhardt fan. Watch it when ever I can

F1 fans: schumacher retirement good or bad and y?

YES,,,,,Kasey Kahne fan here,,,,,,,,,,,only thing better then being a NASCAR fan,,,is a southern bell

Looking for Dale Earnhart bedding?

No lol Of couse I do. Kasey Kahne fan here. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute.

Biggest Kahne Fan

What are headers?

yes true Nascar fan from the day i was Born

Has anyone ever won 3 races in a week before?

Boris Said at Watkins Glen's

Do you feel it is fair to be a regular Nextel Cup Racer .. and race in the regular Busch Races .?

tony stewart fan.. watch every race

What are racing anti roll bars made of, and what is a typical design for them?

*Hell Yeah*

♥ Carl Edwards #99

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