1 race left , 30 pts. behind will Kahne make the Chase ?


Why on motor gp the bikes have tabbaco avertisments on i thought the tabbaco avertisment ban was on ?

In Richmond? It'll be tough but if the Dodge Dealers Dodge holds out I think so.
He will sadly knock out Jeff Burton.

Tell Patrick L on top of the answer board that I have a lamb locked up in my pantry if he's looking for a real sport

Don't you feel angry when your new car shows check engine light?

No, Nascar isn't a real sport

Has anyone got any views on Sir Frank Williams saying Kimi Raikkonen is not serious and not disciplined enough

if he has a top ten finnish he has good chance he made up 60 points last week...

Yamaha YZ125!!!?

Well hell yea!!!!!

Nascar vs. f1 vs. street racing cars?

yes, he will make the chase and i also predict that Matt Kenseth will with the championship this year and make it championship #2

In 1952 what race was won for the first time by someone wearing a seatbelt?

oh yeah!! he is hot and on a roll!! I hope he makes it although I think Jimmie is the man this year. Go Kasey!!

Who will be nextel cup champion?

I think he will make the Chase. Somebody is going to have some trouble at Richmond, which is almost unavoidable. Another driver with a bad day just opens the door for Kasey to drive into the Chase.

Any live Qualification of Formula1 on itv1 this night?

I think & hope so! I believe it will be Burton to have trouble this weekend, just a hunch though!

Go #9!!!

Who will win the Constructor's championship? MCLAREN or ferrari?

I think he can make it!

What does everyone think about the Chinese-made Roketa ATVs?

Sorry, but no.

How many gallons of gas will mix with 16oz of outboard 2 cylce tc-w3 oil?

I think he will. As long as he has a good finish and can lead some laps to get the extra points, I think he has a good shot. Plus it wouldn't hurt if Stewart, Burton, and Martin all had really bad cars. haha.

Is dirt track racing (Late model, mods, etc...) some of the safer oval track racing?

he needs at least a top 5 finish to get there...and it wouldn't hurt if he was able to lead a few laps to get bonus points

Who is the greatest race car driver of all time?

Yes He is coming off a momentum run. He dose good at Richmond. He made up 60 points last week so I think he will make the chase.

Seat belt warning system:why wuold it come on. if you fasen the seat belt the buzzer goes off but the light st

I would love to see him make the chase. He has had the most wins of anyone, he definetly deserves the cup.

Do you think that kimi raikkonen is going to change his engine for ther malaysian grand prix?

My opinion: I think Kasey will be in,and Burton will be out, but hey, anything can happen almost anybody can drop, so it's anybody's guess

Who do you think has been the second best driver during the Shumacher era?

if he gets a top 5 he will definitely make it, one of the top ten will stumble just a little and a top 5 or top 10 should get him in, he only needs one driver to mess up

Who invented the first power steering in cars?

i think he can

What do you think of the chase now that we know what is going to happen?

Kahne in...Steward or JR. out.

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