Any fuel fans?

Do you think that top fuel dragsters and funny cars are at their lowest ETs and top speeds?


Robert kubica, over rated or the next star? speeds almost 340 and et's in 4.4 seconds...
they will find ways to go faster and quicker..
NHRA dropped the nitro% to 85 and they still went quicker...
but eventually they will put a cap on how fast and quick they can go...there will be a point where it's too dangerous...

Who will win the nascar race at talladega?

No, not by a long shot. We will keep seeing higher speeds it's just going to take a while for the technology and engineering to provide us with the higher speeds. Give it a couple years and things will change.

Where can I buy a "spike strip"?

It appears that no matter what happens to the rulebook, racers will find more horsepower and go faster. I would never have imagined a 330 mph 4.5 second pass was ever possible. My concern lies with how much more can the human body endure before something happens.

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