Any Bobby Labonte fans out there?

I am a big fan of Bobby Labonte, still rooting for him in his new ride, the #43 car owned by Petty. I think after a couple years, this team will be one to reckon with. What do you think?


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I'd like to see bobby do good at petty b/c they have a good rep. for winning races and he's a good driver that deserves to be seen again. just b/c he ain't no dale earnhardt jr ( whiny baby) jimmie Johnston, or jeff gordon don't mean that he can't race clean and fair & if he looses he don't go aroun whining about it either, it takes a man to race in NASCAR and he is one along with matt kenseth & kasey Khane

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There is a good chance that he will improve somewhat with a good team behind him. It's a tough call though because he seems to have been sliding backwards the last few years. It would be a shame for someone with his talents and experience to slip into the "Has Been" category.

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i think he'll be the one to bring petty enterprises back on the map.

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I'm a fan of Bobby Labonte. He's a good, clean driver. Just has some bad luck sometimes. He's not bad looking either! :)

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