Any thoughts on who "The Stig" really is?

Pretty sure he's not ex F1 driver, maybe rally etc?? What do you think?


What is the best F1 car in look for 2007?

Well, there are two Stigs. The original, black Stig, who was Perry McCarthy, was "killed off" at the start of the 3rd series of the show after he had revealed his identity.
The new, white Stig, isn't a single person. One of the power laps and the snowmobile jump were surely done by someone else than the regular Stig. The snowmobile jump was probably done by a proffesional snowmobile pilot, in the Winter Olympics episode, while at the end of 2004, the Renault R24 was piloted by the Stig in 59 seconds; but for that run, it seems that the person in the white overalls was the current Renault test driver, Heikki Kovalainen, back then part of the Renault Driver Development program.

What are the racing partners to BMW?

Have a few thoughts a rally driver or retired formula one possibly Damon hill

I need to know who is going to Win the Hungarian GP!!?

I think Rally rather than F1 as you do. Not sure who though, sorry.

How many advertisements on your typical NASCAR driver and car?

He used to test F1 cars for mcclaren but I can't remember his name!

I want to change the motor oil in a Ford explorer 92. How many oil drains does it has?

not sure but do ya thinbk he is one man ?

Does anyone know which nascar racers are retireing this year?

his name is perry mcarthy who used to test cars for mclaren and benneton

When & how did drag racing start?

why does everyone think its a man?could be a woman

Any thing new on Ray Evernham and Erin Crocker dating?

Some people think he's Nigel Mansell.

If fuel/oil costs are soaring, why hasn't the world resorted to solar / electrical (natural) resources yet?

no idea, but that shall the great thing about Stig.
In fact he or she is a very good driver, at least it seems so. And there is one more reason why nobody shall know where Stig is, as nobody know him, whom can exchange him when ever whom want or must. Nobody can notice that. Very clever.

Kubica disqualified!?

The first stig was definately Perry Mccarthy. There are many romors about who the second one is.

You can find out more here

and here

Does anybody respect terry labonte like i do?

has to have an F! license as he drived an F1 car in the last series. Im guessing they have a few Stigs that they use depending on availibility

Kart Racing In The UK?

He is the bloke that works down my chip shop with a bloke that thinks he's Elvis.( he dose a great sav and chicken )

Is there any way to instal a blow out valve whithaut turbo charger,just to get the sound whem change gears?

It was Perry Mcarthy but there's some speculation if there's a new Stig now.

I suppose they don't acknowledged the Stig by name because he's a load faster than that oaf of an a*se, Jeremy Clackson. The last thing Clarkson wants on his show is being upstaged by anyone who can drive faster than him, or do anything he's too scared of, like ride a motorcycle.

Is there any performance parts for a (1.8) 93 mitsubishi eclipse?

hello, its me!!!
i'm the Stig and i'm not telling my real name!!
Na na na na and theres nothing you can do about it!!
i'm so fast i once beat santa on a lap of the world race on christmas eve. (he did have to make quite a few stops though)
seeya on top gear!!!

The last time NHRA Funny Cars raced at Virginia Motorsports Park in 2000?

I've heard Jamie Green? some say Eddie Irvine!

Where can i find a good quad for $2000 and under?

some say he sleeps with his eyes open, and some say he has scales instead of a skin.

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