Any mnfr. ever design or build a v8 wedge head with over & under opposing valves like a Hemi type head?


Do 100% waterproof motorcycle gloves exist?

I dont think you can get over & under opposing valves in a non-hemi head. The pocupine-style head such as found on a BB Chevrolet is about as close as you can get. I think this splayed/canted valve arrangement is about as good as you can do with two valves on a wedge-shaped head.

Sonny Leonard (of mountain motor fame...) has designed a "next generation" cylinder head currently in vogue with the GM IHRA pro stock racers. A weird (but impressive) casting, this may be the closest to the arrangement you are describing.

The Cleveland series of cylinder heads for the small block Ford are pretty weird as well. In short, they are a big-block chevy head crammed onto a small block ford (Note: I say that because of the valvetrain arrangement--lay off blue-oval fans! :-) ) You can check them out at:

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