Americans cannot drive. Is that why they like NASCAR?

Question:F1=best drivers, best technology, challenging circuits, internationally accepted.
NASCAR= duh., wot wuz duh qwezshun agin, huh?


Nascar fans?

I hear ya. I use more skill driving to work on my gsxr than the NASCAR goof balls use all season!

NASCAR= duh..., stomp on the gas, turn left...

Is anyone else pissed off that NASCAR gets all the attention?

if u think americans cant drive then u should come here to jordan.

What does a VR6 turbo run HP and quarter mile on average?

tellagada nites

Who is a bookoo motocross rider whose nickname is also the name of a bird?

they r sh@t at our sports so they invent their own!

Will michel schumacher win this year drivers championship?

Yeah, but the French can't win wars, so who is really the stupid one?

Which Nascar site do you visit most often?

Loser. Trash your own country.

How do I raise sponsorship to race to the North Pole?

what? of course we can drive but its that 10% that are stupid that cant drive..

What truckdriving companies drive for nascar?

Are you really this stupid?
Or is this just to entertain us Americans?

Why do F1 pit crews go without helmets during qualifying?

Nascar makes more money! Besides it doesn't get any better than swapping paint at 180!

How do you remove the Engine RPM limiter on a 95 Chevy Cavalier?

F1 and IndyCar are by far better, and NASCAR is so slow and boring. 500 laps around an oval track, it's mind numbingly boring.

This coming from someone who lives 15 minutes north of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Nascar fan here and need your help!?

and I guess YOU think YOU can drive?


im an american and i do suck at driving but i hate nascar too so but i did like talledega nights

Which SUV has the best fuel economy and can tow 5000+ lbs?

I like NASCAR & I don't have to explain why to YOU! Why do you have to trash a sport just because you don't like it? Do you not have a life? I'd like to see you drive one of those cars.

Should David Courthard give up..?

I think you are humorous.
That's why all of the greedy F1 drivers want to defect to where the real money is at.

F1= one fake car.

Can anyone show me a 1969 ford truck?

Ah impetuous youth strikes again.
take your formula one driver and put him in a nascar and see how he does or vica versa. one is not necessarily better than the other just different. I enjoy ALL kinds of racing because I am a car enthusiast. I don't like red cars better than blue ones. when nascar goes to Japan this is international isn't it. what about Mexico? I guess that doesn't count if you don't want to look at the entire picture. how often are F1 races run in the U.S. not many! LOts of Nascar races though, lots of different cities. its a big party when ANY race comes to town. this is cool. try a drag race sometime and then go down to your local short track or dirt track on saturday night its awsome the beer is cold, the women are hot and it's a great time. Don't knock it until you try it and once is not enough.
Better yet go get behind the wheel of that nascar-- in case you don't know I'll tell you, the worst nascar driver can out drive you 50 ways to sunday. Even though in your enlightened wisdom he's a lousy driver, what pray tell does that say about you?

Which current F1 driver would you love to meet and hang out with?


Whats the best way to get the dealers name plate off the back of a new car and looks like it was never there?

Alright b-b-b- STU-STU-STUTTERER.
The fact that F1 is a EUROPEON form of racing is great in its own form.Most of the people that was and are fans of NASCAR are seeing a vehicle that they could own a street version of the vehicle.In F1 there has been developments that have improved the auto industry.As for which is better is up to each individual.I still have my favorite F1 vehicle(60's LOTUS) plus the NASCAR vehicles I like are specific to that form of racing.So if you like F1 great,I don;t care for it that much but Will watch.So lets support motor sports we are all fans.

What Nascar driver died in a helicopter crash at a race track back in the early to mid ninetys?

I am a Formula 1 fan and I have to say that I can't find anything interesting in the oval nonsense Americans call car racing.

The thing is that I heard that, after the ChampCar/IRL split, Americans have begun to develop a fobia on open-wheeled racing. They think F1 might be in the same situation. But it's NOT. It's holding on together very well and I think half of the Nascar fans are too narrow-sighted to accept a motorsport that is certainly better than their obsolete stock cars driving around hundreds of times.
F1 has abandoned real ovals since 1960, when the Indy 500 was written off the F1 calendar and the layout of the Monza circuit was converted into what we see today.

Who do you think will win this year in nascar ?

Who cares?

How do you pronounce Robert KUBICA the new Polish F1 driver?

Are you kidding ? That's where we LEARN to drive !

Any dale earnhardt jr. fans out there?

we're great drivers. it's panty waste foreigners like you who come over here and cause all the accidents. and we prefer NASCAR because we like to see the cars acually PASS each other(or overtake as you sissy europeans say), instead of playing follow the leader. the overrated F1 drivers would not be able to handle the close physical style racing of NASCAR.

Do you think this is it for Kimi?

are you talking about your self?


I’ll start with the fact that I am a road race fan (F1, Champ car, IRL, SCCA, etc.) However, I love and watch all racing including some NASCAR races. Lets face it, all racers at these levels are very talented. NASCAR originated with guys running from the cops (left and right turns) to make their very important deliveries. They were all Americans and all great drivers. The different racing is just that …..different. I cannot help but notice that the NASCAR drivers that have a lot of road race experience do not always beat the pure NASCAR guys in the road races. Time will tell….How will Juan Pablo do? What will your question be if Juan gets his butt kicked? I was once told by a Skip Barber racing instructor who taught many of the NASCAR drivers how to road race that most the NASCAR drivers had tremendous talent……period. Don’t get me wrong, I love F1 and have watched it since the early 70’s. However with all due respect to the international community, I am unaware of any AMERICAN race series that would not race because they were not prepared with the required tire technology and were AFRAID that their tires may fail going around the OVAL part of the race course. Hmmmmm. (ie: F1 race, USA 2005). Honestly, I am glad they didn’t race, it was too dangerous, but I am an American and I can drive.
Finally, let’s not forget Dan Gurney and Mario Andretti………..American F1 race drives and darn good ones at that. May be others, just can't think of them right now.

When is the next WRC season starting?

Tell that to Scott Speed or Mario Andretti, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Brian Redman and the like. All racing(except drifting-drifting blows) is worthy of praise and admiration in it's own right.

Does anyone know if nate adams got injured during the x games?

your annoying. go away.

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