91 f150 300 straight 6 overheating even after new 2 row radiator, thermostat, and water pump..Why??


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A two row radiator probably isn't big enough. If you want to keep that radiator, consider getting an oil cooler to help take care of some of the heat.

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Hubbie says it could be one of a number of things...

Blockage in the water passages within the block

Make sure you have the correct pressure radiator cap

Could be the fan clutch (if it has one)

Good luck

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check your timing the stiaght six in that truck will slip time and over heat all the time mine did

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My uncle had a 1979 Ford 250 as a feed pickup with a 300/6. It was a good little engine, besides it was gutless when it came to hauling a cake feeder. He had that problem once in August. It was 104 degrees. This was at Sentinal Butte,North Dakota, yes it actually gets hot in ND! and it isn't cold here in the western part either! But anyway back to the truck. He put on a new shroud and it worked fine since.

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I don't know, I never had one. My dad had an 86 f150 with over 300K miles, and I don't believe it ever overheated, of course, he never got above 3K rpm either. But it did have a few distributor problems.

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Head gasket is probably installed backward, blocking coolant flow

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