A Busch race in Montreal next season?..maybe?

what do you think about it?? i think it would be great


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I have heard this too! The track they have there is currently being used by the Formula 1 circut. I also think this is the last year that the Indy cars are going to be there as there isn't a large crowd that follows that series anymore.
The park the track is on is wonderful. You will really like it. When picking out tickets, be warned that the first turn after the start/finish, does have some trees so pick your stands wisely! We sit back on the hairpin as that is clear from any trees, the views are great and it's close to the metro.
There is only one way on and off-that is thru the underground metro. Be patient! There can be quite a bottleneck!
If cost isn't an issue, stay at the Intercontinal Hotel. There is great access to the metro from the hotel and the people there at the hotel are really nice! If you require more moderate pricing, the Holiday Inn in China town is good for the money and only 2 blocks away.
Purchase a 3 day metro pass when there-don't pay for the metro each time you ride it.
Be sure to go to the uptown on Friday and Saturday nights. If that is a little roudy for you, old Montreal is only a few moments walk from either of the hotels and is much quietier. If you want something even quietier, take a cab to Little Italy. There you will find the best restarants in the city!
There are a lot of street "beggers" but in order for the people to put on their show, they are licensed thru the city and are monitered.
You will have a terrific time going there if the Busch series does race there. Good luck and have fun!

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if they have a track in montreal

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Yeah, I read about it on nascar.com. I think it is a good idea.

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I'm big on America - can't we keep something that ours? They can come to America to see a race - We're losing our traditions - Indy can go to Montreal, that's what Indy does, worldwide. I'm not crazy about the Toyota either - American cars!!!

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it would be interesting to see

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It's almost a done deal that there will be at least a NASCAR truck event in Canada next year as NASCAR plans to buy our CASCAR. Stock cars would be really slow on the Montreal Grand Prix course, it's a pretty tight fit even for open-wheel cars. A formula Ford car would probably have better lap times.

A better venue would be Mosport, or Tremblant. However NASCAR might not go for that, as their lap times might be only marginally better than CASCAR on those circuits. The real solution would be for someone to invest in a super-speedway somewhere between Montreal and Toronto.

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